This is me

So this is gonna be like my journal. It will probably be random and stuff but oh well.


2. January 17

I just love those Friday nights where your home alone. All your friends are at work. And your at home being bored out of your mind. And then you get so bored where you think "I should get my homework done!" I really need a life. And maybe some friends that don't work. Maybe I should get friends my own age? But you see all the people my age aren't like me. I relate more to younger people and to older people. So seriously all my friends are either older or younger than me.

On a side note, don't you hate it when a teacher miss-communicates but seriously everyone seems to know what their talking about and then theirs you. The "stupid person" who doesn't understand. Well I'm sorry I didn't understand! My science teacher told us to look up and print off a article about crazy weather somewhere. PRINT OFF! So I did. And everyone wrote theirs down... And I apparently didn't know she wanted it written. Then last period in my internship class she said "everyone comes to class, even if you had it last semester blah blah blah". Well I had the class last semester so I figured I still needed to come to class. So I walk in and the teacher gives me this real ugly look and is like "Emily your not suppose to be here. Your only suppose to come one Mondays". So I was late to my internship and I'm sure my supervisor was mad cause I told her I wouldn't be coming. You see what miss-communication causes? Ugh!

Ok my little rant is over...

Let me know what you guys think of this journal thingy in the comments. Ask questions about me or about anything and I'll answer them so I wont bore you with my life every time. Haha.

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