Rose the witch 2

Me, Rose ,daughter of Queen Sally,discover the normal world. It is the main world because that's where all the normal people live. I meet my old friends and my two brothers once again because when I was 12 years old my parents took me there. We lived there for only two years and then went back to the other world which is what humans call.

But when I turned 16 my mother I was murdered and my father goes missing so I run until I find my brothers in the main world. When the whole fight is over something terrible happens on earth. Read it and find out what happens.....


2. The discovery

Chapter 2: The discovery

I woke up and got out of bed. I put my dressing gown on and walked outside my chamber door. I walked along the corridor and came to the stairs. I looked around the room and made sure no one was around.

I hopped on banister and slid down it until I got to the end and then got off. I walked towards the dining room when Jenny saw me and came over to me.

“Moring Rose. Sleep well?” Jenny asked me.

”Quite well actually. “I answered. We walked towards the dining room.  sat down and waited for my breakfast. I had porridge with brown sugar, almonds and milk. I ate quietly while I was eating. I got up and walked out.

Then Kate came running down the stairs towards me.

“Rose your parents are lyling on the ground and not moving“Kate said.

She took my hand and ran up the stairs with me. We came in my parent’s chamber.

I saw my mother lying on the floor right in front of me. I didn’t see my father anywhere. Jenny came in and saw what was going on.

“I’m so sorry Rose for your loss.” Kate said.She started to cry.Jenny hugged her tightly. I bend down until I got on my knees. I kneeled down beside my mother. I started to cry for ages until I couldn’t cry no more.

Then I stood up and walked out of the room.Jenny and Kate came out too.

“Kate does anybody no about this. Because if they don’t know could you tell them for me, please.” I asked Kate.She nodded and walked towards the stairs.

Then she walked down the stairs. I ran to my chamber and went inside. I lay on the bed and thought to myself. “

Does this mean I have to become the new queen?”I asked myself.

I sat up and got off the bed. I went over to the wardrobe. I opened it and looked threw my clothes. I picked out an outfit and put it on. It was my mother’s old outfit. Then I brushed my hair and walked outside my chamber.Jenny was there.

”Rose? Kate told everyone in the castle what happened to your parents and there starting a funeral right now. "Jenny said. I nodded and ran towards the stairs.

I hopped on the banister again and slid down it. She ran after me until she got down to the top of the stairs but while I was sliding I felled face down on the floor. I was at the bottom of the stairs waiting for Jenny to come down after me. She came down the stairs slowly.

”You alright there, Rose?”Jenny asked me. I nodded and hugged her.

We walked to where the funeral was.I walked outside and went into a carriage that was parked outside the castle.Kate was in there. I sat beside her and Jenny came into the carriage. I put laid my head on Kate’s shoulder.I started to cry again and then we got to the church where my mother’s funeral was on. I got out of the carriage and ran inside.

Everyone was seated. They all saw me and stood up and bowed to me.After the funeral was over we had a gathering in the castle.I was sitting on my throne when three triplets came up to me.

“Hello my name is Amelia. These are my sister’s Alice and Annie”. Amelia said. Amelia was wearing a long silver dress with pink sequins on it and silver shoes to match the dress. Alice was wearing a purple top and a long yellow skirt. She was wearing yellow and purple heels. Annie was wearing a pink and yellow dress that came to her waist and flat orange shoes. “Hello” I said while bowing.

Then I went to get a drink. I could have asked someone for one but instead I got one myself. Someone came over to me and tapped me on my right shoulder.I turned around and someone was standing in front of me. It was a boy.

“Hello your majesty, I’m really sorry about your loss.” He said. I didn’t remember him.

”Em, who are you again? “I asked him with my hands on my hips looking really confused.

“Don’t you remember me? It’s Aaron?” He said smiling. I suddenly recognise him. I through out my hands and gave him a big hug.

“It’s so good to see you. Where have you been? How is your mother? How are you?” I asked him trying to take a breath.

While I was chatting to Aaron I noticed that everyone was looking at me.I looked around and the people who were playing the music had stopped too. I turned back to Aaron and looked at him in the eye.I took a step back from him. He stepped forward and then we were close. Then he kissed me on the lips.We were kissing for ages. When we stopped everyone was outside. We walked outside and saw that everyone was all heading home. Aaron had to go too because his Mother was ill and he had to be home to take care of her. It started too poor rain. I got soaked and then Jenny came out.

“Rose? You will get sick if you stay outside.”she said.She took my hand and brought me in.I was wet from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. I ran up the stairs and ran pass my mother and fathers old bedroom.I stopped and turned around.

I looked at the room to have a good memory.Then I shut the door and went into my chamber. I went for a hot bath and got into my nightgown.Kate came in and stayed with me until I fell asleep. She left quietly.

Then I woke up and sat up.I could hear noises of screaming coming from outside my window. I got out of bed and put on a dressing gown.I opened the glass door of the balcony and stepped outside. I saw a cave just a few minutes away. I thought to myself.

”It will be crazy for moving to the other world.So what mother said? It will be cool.” I thought to myself. 

I got a suit case that was on top of my wardrobe. I took all my clothes and put them in the suit case. I also put all my shoes in too. I closed it and locked it.

I put a dress on and flat shoes.I got a piece of rope that was hanging out a smaller window and made it go as the ground.Then tied it to the banister and hopped over.

I slid down with one hand on the rope and the other holding the suitcase. I walked quietly out the gates of the castle and went through the village.

Some people were still selling there stuff.

One said “hey isn’t that the princess?"

"What is she doing walking out here? “Another said. I kept on waling until I got to the cave.

There were some boats there because there was lake that went into the cave and disappeared. I untied one boat and grabbed the oars and started to row the boat. When I went inside I was amazed of the place. There was gold everywhere.

Then I saw a door on my right and on my left was a long corridor.

“I’ll check out what’s behind the wooden door first."I thought to myself. I got out of the boat and got onto my feet. I ran over the door.

There was big name across the door. I couldn’t make it out what it said. I put my hand on the handle and pushed the door open.                

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