Rose the witch 2

Me, Rose ,daughter of Queen Sally,discover the normal world. It is the main world because that's where all the normal people live. I meet my old friends and my two brothers once again because when I was 12 years old my parents took me there. We lived there for only two years and then went back to the other world which is what humans call.

But when I turned 16 my mother I was murdered and my father goes missing so I run until I find my brothers in the main world. When the whole fight is over something terrible happens on earth. Read it and find out what happens.....


1. The beginning

Rose POV

Chapter 1: The beginning

Hello. My name is Rose kiedus. My life is completely different to normal people, especially my mother. She was born in a normal world. Where theirs school, homework, jobs, work. My father was born in the same world as me. Where there were Queens, Kings, Knights, Princesses and Princes. I was the princess of Daminone. When I was about 12 years old my mother and father brought me to a different world.They wanted to see which world I fitted in best. We stayed there for two years and then left the normal world. I missed my friends that I made there.

5 years later.....

A few years later in Daminone I had just turned 15.I was in my chamber reading a book when suddenly my friend came running in. Her name was Kate. She protected me most of the time when I’m alone with her.

”Rose? Where are you?” Kate called panicking.

I was by the balcony reading my book when suddenly I heard Kate’s calling.

”Kate I’m outside the balcony. “I called back giggling.

She came out and took a deep breath.

“Rose. I have some bad news too tell you.” Kate said trying too taking a breath.

”Calm down Kate. What is it?” I said getting off my chair and going inside. I ran over to my bed and placed my book on the pillow. Then my other friend Jenny came in out of nowhere.

“Hello Jenny.” I said smiling.

“Hello, your highness. Kate did you tell her yet?”Jenny asked with her hands on her hips. She was waiting for an answer but Kate kept quiet for about one minute. ”

Oh, just  tell her kate"Jenny said. Kate was trying too calm down.

"Do no you know what, I’ll just tell you Rose.” Jenny said. I waited for an answer.

”Will one of you just tell me already?” I shouted.

”Ok.Your Mother and Father are really sick and might die soon because the doctor is trying his best but it’s not working!” Kate said in a sad way. Jenny hugged me really tightly and then we walked outside my chamber.

I ran to my Mother and Father’s chamber.Jenny and Kate were one minute away from me. I went inside and looked around.

”There not here let’s check the dining room.” I said.

”Rose, there not in the dining room.” Jenny said. She took my hand and ran really fast until we got to the stairs. We ran down the stairs.

Then someone saw us coming down and came over. It was Mark who came over.

“Your highness, your family are in the dining room. Dinner is prepared and there are a few guests“Mark said lead the way to the dining room.

I walked in and there were loads of people. My parents were sitting on there thrones. I went over to mine and sat down. The party went on for hours and hours.

Then it was time for everyone to leave the castle. I walked back up the stairs with Jenny and Kate. I went into my chamber and sat down on the bed. Jenny closed my curtains while Kate opened the wardrobe. Jenny walked towards the balcony doors just to close the curtains.

"Jenny, don’t close those curtains please. Could you close them when I’m fast asleep?” I said. I got up and went over to Kate who was standing by the wardrobe. I picked out a nightdress. I put it on and got into bed.I started to read my book.Jenny and Kate came over and sat beside me.

“Will my parents be alright?” I asked the girls.

“I do hope so Rose.” Kate answered.

Then they said goodnight and left the room quietly. I went back to my book then suddenly I heard some shouting that was coming from outside the balcony doors. I got out of bed and put on my dressing gown.

I walked towards the glass doors and then walked outside. I came to the edge of the balcony and looked towards the secret cave. Beside it was a long wall. Over that wall was a gate what leads to danger.

My mother made sure that I don’t go near that wall. From where I was standing you could see a dark, Black castle. Fire was on top of the towers. They had weird shaped windows and a long black brigade.

Then I heard some screaming and shouting. It was coming from inside my castle just outside my chamber door.I ran in quickly and closed the glass doors gently and then I closed the curtains. I turned around and ran to my bed,got under the blankets and shut my eyes. I fell asleep. My mother and father came in and kissed me goodnight.

What I didn’t no that my parents will be going to heaven because there getting old. Then they alone.

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