Rose the witch 2

Me, Rose ,daughter of Queen Sally,discover the normal world. It is the main world because that's where all the normal people live. I meet my old friends and my two brothers once again because when I was 12 years old my parents took me there. We lived there for only two years and then went back to the other world which is what humans call.

But when I turned 16 my mother I was murdered and my father goes missing so I run until I find my brothers in the main world. When the whole fight is over something terrible happens on earth. Read it and find out what happens.....


11. Rose meets the bad king for the 1st time

Chapter 11: Rose meets the bad king for the 1st time

As the castle drawbridge opened we came into a big hall full of people and knight’s all kinds of stuff. A head of us was a throne, a really big one and right on was the king himself. Lucas pulled me and we walked up to the king.

No one could see my face because I was wearing cloak with a hood and the hood was over my head. The king stood up and got his sword and lifted my hood off my head with the sword, all the men in the room said “aw” because of my beauty. All the girls were pissed off.

”Hello Princess, my name is King Aragon.And what your name might be.” Aragon asked nicely. I wasn’t really listening to him because I was reading something that was on the ground just below my feet. Then the king raised his hand and tried to slap me in the face but I ducked and he missed. I started to laugh but someone whispered to me

“Don’t laugh at him Rose.” I turned my head around to see who it was. I didn’t see anyone in sight who whispered to me. Then I looked back at the king. He made an angry look at me so he got Lucas to bring me to a bedroom.

He pushed me in and he said the king will be up to you in a few moments. He shut the door at my face and locked it. I ran for the bed and flopped myself on it. A few minutes Aragon came in and shut the door. I was lying on my stomach on the bed when I heard a really loud noise that was coming behind. I turned my head to see who was standing there.

When I saw who it was I made a dirty look at him and turned away from him. He sat down on the bed and said hello but I still didn’t respond to him.

“Rose, answer me when I’m talking to you!” Aragon shouted.

“What’s your problem? What’s the matter with you?” I shouted back and Aragon didn’t speak no more.......

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