Rose the witch 2

Me, Rose ,daughter of Queen Sally,discover the normal world. It is the main world because that's where all the normal people live. I meet my old friends and my two brothers once again because when I was 12 years old my parents took me there. We lived there for only two years and then went back to the other world which is what humans call.

But when I turned 16 my mother I was murdered and my father goes missing so I run until I find my brothers in the main world. When the whole fight is over something terrible happens on earth. Read it and find out what happens.....


3. Behind the door

Chapter 3: Behind the door

When I went inside I heard some noises that were just a few minutes away from me. I shut the door slightly and all you could see is my eyes that were looking threw a little gap of the door.

When I saw who was making all the noise I saw four boys speaking to each other. They properly were one month older then me.

Well I’m about 5,they must be about maybe 16, 17. I don’t know. Then one of them saw me. I shut the door and got a chair and put it under the handle so they couldn’t get in.

I looked around the place.I was amazed of the room.There was a bed and a wardrobe and a window. I also noticed that there was a small cupboard. I opened it and inside there were photos and a memory boxThere was also some jewellery. One of them sparkled. I picked it up. The colour of it was ruby red.I put it on then I heard some banning that was coming from outside the window.

I ran over to it and looked out it. What I saw were some children. They were looking at something. I saw they were looking at a ball that was right in front of me.

I opened the window some how and grabbed the ball.It was really ruff. I through it at them and closed the window.

I opened the wardrobe and there were a good few outfits. There were some curtains hanging from each side of the window. I shut them. I looked back in the wardrobe and picked out an outfit.

I put it on and picked out a pair of shoes. I didn’t really like the outfit or the style. I took one of my own outfits out and put it on.

I closed the suitcase and headed towards the door. I opened the door slightly and peeked out to see if anyone was around. I walked out the room that I was in. I walked towards the long corridor and then I ran instead.

When I came to the end of the corridor there was a big rock in the way. I pushed it and it started to roll over. I stepped outside the cave and looked behind me.

The four boys were standing there. They were just watching me as I walked on.

“Goodbye other world welcome to the new world where my mother was born” I said to myself.

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