Rose the witch 2

Me, Rose ,daughter of Queen Sally,discover the normal world. It is the main world because that's where all the normal people live. I meet my old friends and my two brothers once again because when I was 12 years old my parents took me there. We lived there for only two years and then went back to the other world which is what humans call.

But when I turned 16 my mother I was murdered and my father goes missing so I run until I find my brothers in the main world. When the whole fight is over something terrible happens on earth. Read it and find out what happens.....


7. Back to School for special teenagers

Chapter 7: Back to School for special teenagers.

8:00 my alarm went off. I got up, made my bed and got ready for school. I had two bowls of cornflakes and toast. It was toasting outside so I wore a dress that came as far as my knees and heels to match the outfit.

I brushed my hair and tied it up sideways. I got my school bag and headed towards then the boys stopped me.

“Rose you don’t need a school bag and girls have to have there hair tied up in a bun.” Alex said laughing as hard as he could.

"Shut up Alex. Rose don’t listen to him he’s a nut head.He lying about the way girls have to have there hair tied up in a bun you can do your hair whatever style you want. But he’s right about the schoolbag you don’t need it cause the school we go to is a special school for special teenagers.” Sean explained so I threw my bag on the bed.

Everything fell out. I heard a drop of noise like it was metal .I walked back into my bedroom and rooted through the fallen stuff. I found a compass. It was the exact same one from the movie the golden compass except this one can tell you when something is going to happen or someone is coming so for example say if your hiding somewhere and bad guys are looking for you.

The compass tells you what there doing, what’s there plan or where they are like if there looking for you the compass tells you what direction there coming from. I put it in my handbag and walked to this special school that the boys were saying. I waited for Sean and Alex because they no the way and I don’t so I followed them to a bus stop.

Eventually a bus came and we got on.

“Were off to this special school that the boys were saying” I thought to myself as the bus went on. The bus stopped at a good few bus stops that were jus around the corner. You might think this is a normal bus but this bus was completely different.

There was a bar where you can have a drink and a long chat with other witch people. Then there were stairs going up and down.Upstairs is where you make out with your girlfriend or boyfriend. You each get a small room to yourself. Downstairs on your first left was the boy and girl toilets.  Straight a head was the room where if you haven’t some homework done you go there the minute you get inside the bus.I was sitting on my own until someone came over to me and sat down beside me.

"Hello my name is Jordan,your Rose aren’t you?Do you remember me?”Jordan asked. I stayed silenced for a few seconds. I was trying to remember him. Then I lit up and had a big smile on my face.

”I do remember you. You were Katie’s boyfriend.” I said reaching out my hands and waiting for a big hug. I looked out the window and then suddenly the bus stopped. Everybody got off the bus and headed to there lockers. I stared at the place for a couple of minutes.

My brother came over to me and brought me to the principles office. Now you might think this school is an ordinary school but you’re wrong.It’s a magic school where all witch boys and girls go to. While I was talking to the principle I noticed some boys messing outside.She noticed that I wasn’t looking at her while she was speaking.

She looked where those boys were and she turned around and noticed that there was also someone sitting on the floor readingThe principle told the person to come in.

“Ruby can you show her where her classroom because I have to talk to these naughty boys outside, that aren’t going to class"

I looked at Ruby and smiled and she smiled.We went into my classroom. I picked a seat and left my stuff there. Then I went to where my class was... 

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