Something Great



"ANSWER IT!" Caitlyn yelled. "Okay okay, oh my god!!!" I sat down and had the mouse hovering over the answer button, I looked at Caitlyn for permission and she just nodded at me with impatience. I clicked it.

And there they were with the most adorable smiles on there face. "Hiiiiiiii" they all said in unison. "Helllooooo" we said copying the way they said it. Louis and Harry were sitting in the front and the others were in the back. I looked at Harry and he murmured something under his breath. Oh gosh, what if he thinks I'm ugly? All of a sudden I'm getting really nervous.

Harry's POV

"Wow", I murmured under my breath hoping she wouldn't see. She was extremely beautiful. I had to get their names. "So what are your names babes?" They replied back with " I'm Caitlyn, and I'm Kaitlyn, yes we have the same names but you can just call us Caitlyn on the left and Kaitlyn on the right haha." God I loved her giggle. Giggling is a major turn on for me. All the other boys were talking and they were answering back I just couldn't stop looking at her. She was amazing.

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