Something Great



Kaitlyn's POV

Today was the day I was going to video cam with One Direction.

I'm so excited!! I can't believe this is finally happening!! I've been waiting for this for three months now. See, me and my friend Caitlyn went in this contest on twitter and we won a video cam with them. Caitlyn will be here any minute now, I suppose I should get dressed.

I got my clothes and walked to the bathroom. I got undressed and threw on a tank top and some floral skinny jeans. I brushed my teeth and put some make up on. Not too much just enough to cover up my insecurities. Eye liner was always my favourite piece up makeup because it made my big hazel eyes really stand out. I put a brush threw my long brown wavy hair and tied it up into a messy bun.

I walked back to my room and opened the door. "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" " Jesus Christ Caitlyn you nearly made me shit myself!" I said trying to catch my breath. We both just started cracking up laughing then all of a sudden we heard the skype calling noise. We looked at each other and froze.

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