Gwen moves to New York and seems to be liking it. Her world turns upside down when she meets Peter Parker and tries to find the secrets he's been hiding from her and the world. She not only gets saved, but meets a masked vigilantly that goes by the name of 'Spider-Man'. Deep inside, she knows she has feelings for him, but won't admit it. Spider-Man has feeling for her as well, but how can he be with her without putting her life in danger?


9. Chapter 9 "Rooftop."

Peter's POV

I woke up to a knock on the door. I realized I was still in my costume from last night.

"Peter?" I heard Gwen call.

"Uh, yes?" I ask nervously quickly pulling clothes over my suit.

"I want to tell you something," She says. I quickly pull a shirt over my head. I pulls my gloves off and throw them in my closet.

"Uh, okay... Just one sec..." As fast as I can, I hide any evidence of my secret identity.

"Peter...?" She asks confused. I run to the door and open it. She smiles at me warmly.

"Morning," she says. I smile. "Morning," I say. She smiles back and walks to her room. I sigh and close the door.

Gwen's POV

I was so siked to meet Spider-Man tonight! I ran to the bathroom to find I had a terrible case of bed head. I grabbed a comb and brushed me hair until I couldn't feel a single tangle. I walked out and into my room.

I grab a book off my desk and fall onto my bed. I read until it was getting late.

I look over at my clock and slam my book shut. It was almost time! I scramble up and trip. I fall to the ground. Luckily Peter wasn't home, that could have been embarrassing. I quickly get to my feet and check me hair. I quickly finger comb it and look out the window. I slide it open and climb out. I try to climb to the roof. My fingers were losing their grip and I tried desperately to keep myself up. I slip and fear takes over me. I scream and wait for the impact. Suddenly I feel someone catch me, I immediately feel safe and look up to find... Spider-Man?!

"W-what are y-you doing here?" I say, forgetting we were supposed to meet. He looked at me oddly. "I was supposed to meet someone, is this the wrong house again?" He smirks. I giggle.

"No," I say and cuddle up again this chest. "You're in the right place."

"Need help getting to the roof?" He smirks again. I open my eyes. "I am perfectly capable of doing it myself," I state and cross my arms while he's still holding me.

"Says the one who fell off the roof." He says. I push myself out of his firm grasp playfully.

"I'll prove it," I state and walk up to the house. I grab onto the windowsill and pull myself up. I was pretty strong, but not that much. He followed after me, staying close behind.

The rim of the roof was wet, and my hand slipped off of it. I scream and fall only to be caught by him, again.

"You sure showed me," he smirks while holding me. I shove him playfully and he holds me securely. He climbs to the top with me in his arms. He sets me down and I stand right in front of him. I could feel him smiling under his mask and looking me in the eyes. I was looking into his, ignoring the fact that he was wearing a mask. He pulled me closer until we couldn't get any closer.

He slowly lifted his mask until I could see his mouth and nose. Our lips crashed together, I could feel the emotion, the passion. I closed my eyes.

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