Gwen moves to New York and seems to be liking it. Her world turns upside down when she meets Peter Parker and tries to find the secrets he's been hiding from her and the world. She not only gets saved, but meets a masked vigilantly that goes by the name of 'Spider-Man'. Deep inside, she knows she has feelings for him, but won't admit it. Spider-Man has feeling for her as well, but how can he be with her without putting her life in danger?


11. Chapter 11 "Oscorp."

Gwen's POV

It's been about 2 weeks since that night. I occasionally saw him swinging through the city, though. I let out a sigh as I lay on my bed.

Peter was acting different, not like himself. He seemed like he wanted to get closer, but tired to hide it. I know there's something he's not telling me, I know it.

"Peter?" I call out and stand up. I walk out of my door and to his door. I knock on his door. No response. I try again. "Peter?" I ask.

He's probably not home, but where does he go all this time? He's never here anymore... Ever.

I sigh and start to walk away. I slowly turn around on my heel and look at the door. I slowly approach the door, the lay my hand on the doorknob. I slowly twist my hand, the door clicks open. I push and the door open. I stand at the entrance and poke my head in. I look around. No one.

I walk in, his room was a little messy, there were papers scattered all over the floor. I check his computer screen that was on, he was looking up... Lizards? Why?

I pick up one of the papers from the floor, which was a file. I read it slowly, taking in everything.

Decay Rate Algorithm

It had two red circles with lines through them on the side. I opened the file and red the papers. All about lizards... There was an Oscorp logo on it.

I read it all, it took me about 20 minuets. I put it back exactly where I found it and tip-toed out of the room. I close the door behind me.

I guess Oscorp is where I'm headed. I grab my brown coat and head out the door. I walk down the steps and into the streets. The sun shone down on me, it was really hot. I slip my hands on the pockets of my coat and walk on.

It somehow managed to find Oscorp, considering it was one of the biggest buildings in New York. I walk in the doors, they automatically slid open. I follow a group around the building, finally reaching the Neo-genics. I see two mice, both in separate glass cages. I looked closely and noticed they both only had 3 legs.

The group walked forward, so I had to follow. We past Oscorp's Tree Of Life and then their lead scientist, Doctor Connors, came to talk to us. He said something about A World Without Weakness. That included cross-species genetics.

Why would Peter have a file like that? I question myself. I follow the group.

When it was over, I started to walk home. The sun was setting, so figured Peter would be home already. I forgot to write a note, so I hoped he wouldn't worry.

"Hey, gorgeous." I heard a deep, rough voice behind me. I whirl around. I back up and almost scream. Feel someone tie my hands up behind me. I turn my head and see another man. I make a break for the alley, but they quickly catch up and pin me to the wall. Fear washed over me, I tried not to cry, and didn't. I was too scared to cry.

I bend my leg and thrust my knee up, hitting the guy in the wrong place. He let's out a yelp of pain and instantly let go. The other guy angrily slams me hardly against the wall. Before I could do anything I heard a framillier voice say:

"That's no way to treat a lady,"

I turn my head to see it was Spider-Man, I smile in relief.

"Its the bug again!" The man holding me yells. I could help but giggle a little. 'Bug' hehe...

I could feel the man being forced off of me. I turned around to see them getting their butts kicked.

Spiderman was so agile, so fast, strong... How is this possible? This is beyond any human's capability.

He flipped, kicking the men in the face. They both fell backwards. Webbing shot out of his wrists and I stared in amazement.

They were both stuck to the ground and Spider-Man quickly rushed towards me. He easily ripped the rope that tied my hands together.

I turn around.

"Hey," he says.

"Hi." I answer with a giggle. "Do you have to save me so often? This is embarrassing." I complain with a smirk. He chuckles.

"I don't know..." He says and he holds my hands and we cross our fingers, him folding his over mine. "Do you have to get into trouble so often?" He teases. His voice was framillier, I just couldn't place it. I giggle.

"I can take care of myself," I state confidently.

"Says the girl who just got mugged..." He said quietly. I shoved him playfully. "Hey!" I say.

He chuckles. I roll my eyes.


I suddenly remember and tear away from him.

"Sorry," I says quickly. "I have to go."

I didn't like to ruin the moment for both of us, but I had to. I ran out of the alley and he didn't follow me. I sprinted home and burst through the door, gasping for air.

Peter walks in the kitchen with a confused expression on his face.

"What?" He asks.

"Sorry I'm late," I apologize, still panting. He shrugs and half smiles. "It's alright." He says simply.

"Where were you?" He asks me and leans against the edge of the wall.

"Oscorp," I say with a slight shrug. He seemed shocked and confused.

"Why?" He asks with a bit of suspicion in his voice.

"I was curious." I answer simply and walk right past him. "And where were you?" I ask, still walking down the hallway.

He turns and his heels and follows me. "I was.. Out finding a job." He answers.

"There is something so framilier about you." I say simply and turn into my room. He stands in my doorway and I turn around to face him.

"Really? Like what?" He asks, acting to not care. I cross my arms.

"There's something you're hiding, isn't there?" I say suspiciously.

"No." He simply answers and leans against the edge of the doorway, crossing his arms. "I'm going to go take a shower." He says and walks back down the hallway.

I sigh and sit on my bed.

I turned in my computer and researched lizards and what possible reason Peter would keep a file like that. I scribbled down the most important lizard information down on a paper.

After a while, I hear the bathroom door open and I quickly minimize my windows and shove my paper in my drawer. I turn my computer screen off and quickly pull out a book. I get up and run to my bed, opening the book to a random page. I sit on the bed and pretend to read. Peter walks right past my door and I hear his door open and close.

I get back to my research.

Sooner or later, I would find out.

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