Gwen moves to New York and seems to be liking it. Her world turns upside down when she meets Peter Parker and tries to find the secrets he's been hiding from her and the world. She not only gets saved, but meets a masked vigilantly that goes by the name of 'Spider-Man'. Deep inside, she knows she has feelings for him, but won't admit it. Spider-Man has feeling for her as well, but how can he be with her without putting her life in danger?


10. Chapter 10 "Again?"

Gwen's POV

We separated and I stared at his masked eyes blankly.

"I-I..." I said, my heart picking up. I felt him hold me firmly, not wanting to let go.

"Come on," he urges. "Let's get outta here,"

I smile, wondering if Peter would notice I was gone, or if he saw Spider-Man was here...

I quickly nod, really wanting to go.

"Hold on tight," he smirks and I wrap my arms around his neck. He jumps off and starts swinging. I burry my face in his chest, afraid to look down.

I hear him chuckle slightly and peek over his shoulder. I hold him tighter and clamp my eyes shut.

"Relax," He chuckled and I giggled a little. I look over his shoulder again and realize it's not so bad. I look around at the city flying past me. I take a deep breath, taking in the cold night air.

He landed on a tall building, he let me go, I was looking down at the shining city lights in amazement. I marvel at the city bellow my feet as I step closer to the edge.

"Woah..." I whisper quietly. I feel a light push on my shoulders, the next thing I know I'm plummeting to my death. I let out a scream and close my eyes tightly. Arms wrap around me tightly and we jerk to a stop. Relief washed over me.We were about 3 feet from the cement and I look down. I look at who was holding me and smile in relief to know it was Spider-Man.

He was holding me, us both upside down. "This is really getting embarrassing." I admit and half smile.

He chuckles huskily. I sigh as my smile fades to a faint frown. I wanted so badly to know who he really is. To pull off that mask and see his face.

I like Peter, too, though. I force a small smile.

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