Love Story

A heart capturing book based on the famous love story of Lily and James Potter.


14. Who Slipped the Love Potion?


We all stood by the front door in wonder. “So does she remember anything?” Sirius asks to break the silence. “Well she doesn’t remember anything from tonight.” I say, “She still remembers you though!”
“Yay.” Sirius says sarcastically.
The next morning Molly Weasley was standing at our front door, knocking hard on the pale wood. Sirius stirred and lifted his head a few inches, “Who is it?” He calls out. He had slept on the couch during the night, and I wouldn’t blame him if he had a stiff back. “It’s Molly!” Came a squeak from the porch.
I got out of bed and opened the door. Molly was standing in front of me wearing an orange floral dress with brown boots and a cute hat. She looked pretty stylish for a pregnant woman! “Exciting news!” She bursts out, “It’s coming in 5 weeks!” I offered her inside and she spotted Sirius, “What are you doing here?” She asks, then realising how rude it sounded, “Sorry!”
“He’s here because he got his heart broken last night.” I say amused. I had never seen him like this before and it was funny watching him trying to find his way into a forbidden love.  But I knew that in his case it probably wasn’t as funny as I thought. “What happened?” Molly asks
“We don’t know who gave Sirius the love potion from the Qudditch match.” I say wondering if Molly knew any information that we didn’t. She gave a little laugh then said, “I gave him the love potion!” My reaction was slow, I didn’t know if I had heard those exact words come out of her mouth. “You did what?” I ask, “Why?”
She sat down preparing for a long explanation, “Well I was out shopping the other day and saw a pretty girl. I knew that Sirius was single and thought that it would do him some good meeting somebody. So I walked over to her and asked for her name. Once I had it, I bought a box of chocolate with a hint of love potion and sent it to Sirius at the Qudditch match. I was trying to help!” Molly looked like she regretted her spontaneous decision, “And you did a good thing!” I say, “He is in love, it was just inconvenient that she’s a muggle-”
“It could work!” Sirius cuts in, “You know, there are plenty of half-blood children out there!”
We discussed the matter further over breakfast which Molly so kindly offered to cook. I get the feeling it’s her way of apologising. “Well thanks for stopping by! And good luck with the baby!” I say as she is leaving our house, “Oh and do you know if it’s a boy or girl yet?” I suddenly remembered to ask. Molly’s eyes swelled up, “It’s a boy!” she says proudly, “We are planning on naming him either Charlie or Bill, I can’t decide really!”
Sirius left at the same time and thanked me for having him over. And just as I closed the door, James walked sleepily into the hall way, “You are so lazy!” I inform him, “You just slept while we figured out who gave Sirius the Love Potion!” He stars at me in disbelief, “Well who was it?”
“Molly Weasley”

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