Love Story

A heart capturing book based on the famous love story of Lily and James Potter.


5. The Wedding

~~4 years later~~

It was mid Autumn, 1978. Lilly looked at herself in the mirror, still amazed that this was actually happening. She and James had spent almost half a year planning for this one day. She brushed her hand down the long white dress that covered her feet and opened at the back. She stood as still as possible while the lady twisted her long red hair into a knot, with a side braid joining at the back of her head.

She jumped at a knock on her bedroom door and moved to go and open it but the lady told her to stay exactly where she was because she hadn't applied the hairspray. A round face peered in, "You look wonderful darling!" said Molly Weasley in a hushed voice. Lilly smiled back at her, half in a daze. "His jaw will drop when he sees you!" she added excitedly as she moved from behind the door and rested a hand on Lilly's shoulder. Sirius ducked his head around the door wearing a wide smile, "It's time." he seemed to be taking this whole best man business very well, helping James prepare his suit and setting up the chairs for the ceremony.

Lilly took a deep breath and make her way out into the hall way. Nerves tingled around her whole body as she was escorted out to her back yard where she was greeted by a crowd of people seated under the old oak tree, facing the river. It looked amazing, a truly magical sight. 'Lilly and James' were engraved in the clouds above their heads and the white rose petals fell slowly from the air. The music started and she walked down the mossy aisle, with a bunch of peonies in her hands, she took a look at James for the first time today and shed a tear as I look at her future, there he stood under the bridal arch, wearing a sleek black suit and a white flower pinned to his chest.

After absorbing the scene, Lilly hardly noticed James' dad who had his arm linked proudly with hers, strolling towards the front with her. She took her first good look at the guests and quickly noticed that Petunia hadn't showed up - not surprising as she hasn't heard a word from her since graduation, but it still hurt Lilly inside, knowing that her sister would never forgive her.

When she reached the Bridal Arch which was lit with delicate floating candles, a man started talking, but Lilly had already lost herself in James' eyes and didn't hear another word after 'united'. They had a secret unspoken conversation, that I she understood in ways. His eyes read that he was excited to start a new life together, happy that they could start fresh, and she had to admit that she agreed. 

Lilly almost missed her line and in a rush she said "I do!" James pulled her in in for a kiss and Lilly heard a faint applaud in the background. They exchanged silver rings with their names engraved on the inside, magically moving in circles, then arranged themselves for the photos with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Thomas Creevy snaped heaps of fabulous photos and continued to do so throughout the celebration.

The guests all retreated to a large tent where tables and chairs were set up, with a large dancing floor in the middle and daisy chains floating from the ceiling. Lilly made her way back to the house to get changed into a more casual dress for the after party. When she was dressed, she found to James surrounded by his mates at the party and they sat down at a table together. In the centre of the table was a small bouquet of white roses tied up with silver ribbon. "I've made plans." James said suddenly. Lilly looked up at him, not sure what he meant.

"For our honeymoon we will go to Paris, stay there for one week then come back and buy a house in Godric Hollow. I already have my eye on one, it's big, double story." he looked at her, waiting for any signs of approval.

"That sound absolutely wonderful!" Lilly only had a second to embrace him because Lupin was by James' side, looking as red as a tomato.

"Sorry to intrude," he said in a low tone, "But could I please a have a word with James?" he asked her shortly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
"Of course." she said, but as curiosity overwhelms her, she quietly followed them down the garden.
"Have you heard?" She heard Remus' hushed voice. James gave him a sideways look, "Lupin are you about to give me unfortunate news on my wedding day?" he asks solemnly. Remus looked regretfully down at his shoes then pretended to be extremely interested in a garden gnome passing through the weeds, "Sirius just got the news, Regulus died shortly after his disappearance."

They lowered their voices even more so Lilly took a step closer but tripped over a short, plump gnome. As she fell, there was a clatter of old pots and James came peering over curiously. When he saw her, she blushed, “Just looking for some air, it gets a little stuffy in there.” she said quickly,
“How is the air down there?,”  he asked with a cheeky grin, she stumbled as he hauled her back up to her feet and she smiled at him gratefully for not making a big deal of the situation.
“So, how did his mum take it?” I asked to fill the silence. “Devastated I imagine?”
 “Well yes, but she refuses to show her emotions, after all, he was the only loyal child in the family.” James didn’t look very unhappy about the news so Lilly pressed on with the questions, "Do they know how he died?"

"No, not yet. Kreacher is the only person - well, elf - who has any useful information but he refuses to tell anyone because he is loyal to the bastard. How about we get back to the wedding?” he asked, “I think I heard that it was time for our first dance!” he took Lilly's hand and lead her towards the party. Her dress, now short and green, which made her hair look like red flames, shone in the dimmed light. She couldn't help but feel like a princess that she had imagined in her dreams when she was just a child.
The music started and James took the leading role through the dance floor. They swayed in time with the music, their bodies intact with one another. Lilly closed her eyes, wanting to savour this moment, to remember it forever. Then the beat dropped and the guests went wild. But strangely, she and James stayed in their slow dance, turning round and round, with Lilly's head resting in the groove of James' shoulder. She looked up into his eyes and found it hard to look away.
She thought dreamily about the honeymoon plans and realised that she was the luckiest girl in the world.

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