Love Story

A heart capturing book based on the famous love story of Lily and James Potter.


4. The Unfortunte Truth

Together, James and Lilly stepped off the train hand in hand, with wide smiles from thousands of jokes and arms aching from their heavy bags. Lilly looked around for her parents as usual but there was no sign of them, not even in the corner of the station where they usually waited.

Mrs. Potter made her way towards them, her long black hair pulled up in a messy bun, arms moving elegantly by her sides. She gave James a kiss on the forehead then embraced Lilly in a hug.
"Hey Mrs Potter!" she said, not being able to hide the tone of surprise in her voice, "Have you seen my parents anywhere?"

She looked down at Lilly, her face solemn, "I am so, so sorry dear... but-" a chill of fear spread across Lilly's body, did she really want to hear what is coming? She thought of her lovely muggle parents, how happy they were when they found out about her magic. Her mum always said that she was special and extremely gifted, but Petunia constantly called her a freak and many other hurtful names. She thought of all the times she spent with her dad, lying under the oak tree in their back yard.

"Your parents have died" James' mum finished, "in a car crash." Lilly took a horrified step back a tear spilling down her cheek. "Oh Lilly! I'm so sorry!"James stood behind the pair of them, looking perplexed. He didn't know how to deal with situations like these.
Petunia was making her way awkwardly towards Lilly, hands clenched into fists. A witch casts a jinx past Petunia to a wizard on the other side of the train station, she gave a little shriek and moved towards her, faster this time.
“Did you hear?” she asked through a choked voice, her lips were almost curling with fury, “It’s your fault! Someone from your filthy kind was responsible!” she couldn’t go on, her eyes looked as if they were bulging out of her head, she stalked off in the other direction, but Lilly ran after her, “How do you know? Where are you going?” she was frantic for answers.
“There were no injuries, gun shots, poison, no nothing! The police don’t have a trace of anything that would have killed them, as far as they know it could have been a car crash.” There was no other explanation for it, someone had cursed their parents. “And I am leaving, packing my things and buying my own house. I am starting fresh, I never want to see you and your stupid boyfriend again, you will never know where I live and I want you to have nothing to do with my fiancé and I!" Lilly looked startled, "Yes thats right, I'm engaged! To a fine man named- well, you don't need to know his name, I will keep him safe from you. But of course you would have known about all this if only you were normal! My life is hereby none of your business!” she spat the words out like poisonous acid in her mouth and with that, she was gone. For good. 

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