Love Story

A heart capturing book based on the famous love story of Lily and James Potter.


3. The Marauders

Looking through the dense crowd, Lilly couldn't find James, he had told her to meet him in compartment 3. She made her way onto the train by herself, guessing that he was already in there.

James had settled into the compartment, his feet thrown up on the chair carelessly. The moment Lilly appeared in the doorway - holding what looked like an extremely heavy carry bag - he smiled and helped her put the bag in a compartment above the seats. They talked endlessly about the places that they wanted to go together and the people they would meet.

Remus opened the door acknowledging Lilly with a weary smile, he looked sick again, “James, the Marauders want a quick meeting.” James looked back apologetically and said, “I’ll be right back.”

“Will you ever tell me about your secret club?” Lilly asked quickly, before he had left. He looked at her steadily, “Maybe when I get back…if you’re lucky!” she rolled her eyes and started sorting through the empty sweet packets, arranging them in colour order, giving her something to do. Only five minutes later, James reappeared.

“Ok, so the Marauders have agreed that I let you in on our little secret.” he says, “It's not as if it is really important anymore, now that we have left school and all. Padfoot, Moony, Wormtail and Prongs. We are the Marauders, and the reason we are, is because – Remus is a werewolf.” He finished slowly, and then searched my face for a hint of surprise, but none. I had always guessed that that was the sort of thing Remus was, the way he acted and how he always skips classes because of his 'illness'.

To Lilly's surprise, James continued, she had thought that was it, “While he is in his werewolf form, he needs company, animal company to distract him through the pain. So Sirius and I developed a potion that would help us turn into animagus.”

This was news to her, “But you are registered right? Otherwise that would be illegal!” Lilly realised that she was panicking, the palms of her hands sweating. If they were not registered and someone found out and told the Ministry of Magic, then James could end up in Azkaban. That would be her whole life planned tossed away in the garbage bin.

 “Well, not exactly” He explains, “We needed to stay unnoticed, so I turned into a Stag, hence the name Prongs.” She stared at him, disbelieving, “So what are the others?”

“Sirius is a black dog and Peter is a rat, Padfoot and Wormtail.”

The trolley lady passes by once again, giving Lilly an excuse to get up, “Two Chocolate Frogs please.” As the old lady passed them to her, Lilly saw Arthur Weasley give Molly a kiss, she blushed then wrapped herself in his arms. “She never told me, the sneaky little thing!” Lilly whispered under her breath. Stalking back to James silently, she leaned against him, exploding with questions about the Marauders.

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