Love Story

A heart capturing book based on the famous love story of Lily and James Potter.


7. The Lights


A waitress came up to Lilly and James to take their order. They tried to pronounce the French dishes on the menu but resorted to pointing at words to the waitress.

When the food had arrived, Lilly found herself marvelling over dishes of scallops, lemon and herb fish and a cheese soufflé. As tucked into her first dish, magnificent flavours flooded through her tastebuds and her mouth tingled with sensations from different flavours. The meat from the scallops was tender and delicate, the fish was crisp melted in your mouth and the cheese soufflé was soft and doughy.

Lilly quickly finished eating all that was on her plate, careful not to look too much like a pig in front of her date. She smiled at James gratefully then to her great surprise, another dish came out moments later. On it was a plate full of cooked snails still in their shells, Lilly resisted the temptation of vomiting all over the table at the sight of it.

James looked up at her, “You want a taste first?” He asked gingerly.

“I wouldn’t try even if you forced me.” She replied shortly. James shrugged and took one off of the plate, looking at it for a moment, then placing it in his mouth. His face scrunched up in disgust but he soldiered on and swallowed it whole.

“Nice?” Lilly asked through fits of laughter.

“No as a matter of fact,” He said, “They are the most awful things I have ever tasted!”

As James payed the bills, Lilly walked out to the front of the café and noticed that it is getting darker. She and James managed to get onto a passing taxi and headed over to their hotel with their luggage by their sides.

When they found the right suite in the hotel, James took out the key and unlocked the door. Lilly’s first impression is that the staff had mistaken their room for the queen’s room. It had soft white carpet with a large, red Persian rug in the centre. A king sized bed took up almost a third of the suite. It had silk sheets and a cream quilt with white embroidered roses and a fancy chandler hung over it and dully lit the room.

There was a glass door that lead to an Ensuite with heated tiles, a bath and a double sink. By the bed were white, wooden panelled French doors that opened up to a small balcony. When she stepped outside she had a clear view of the Eiffel Towel and all the little people of the town below, fighting against the afternoon traffic to get home.

“Right, now that we have seen the suite, I think it’s time to treat you some more.” They make their way down to the river, greeted by a young French boy who was dressed rather smartly. He gestured towards a long boat painted green and white.

Lilly stepped into it while holding onto James for support and balance and the French boy started rowing down the river once they were both seated. As the afternoon sun was setting, the Tower’s lights turned on and it felt like it had lit up the whole world. The sky was a deep pink and the water shimmered with light. The town felt alive, the night air was buzzing with warmth. The boat stopped moving and Lilly and James sat together wrapped in each other arms. Lilly looked up, admiring the glowing Eifel Tower and the colourful lights that danced across the surface of it.  

She leaned back in her seat and then realised that her wand was still in her back pocket. She pulled it out before it had the chance to snap and placed in carefully in her bag while the muggle boy wasn’t looking. After a romantic boat ride down the river and a few champagnes, they returned to the bank where Lilly thanked the French boy and they returned to their first night in the lavish Hotel.

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