Love Story

A heart capturing book based on the famous love story of Lily and James Potter.


10. The Full Moon

James concentrates this time and we find ourselves in an exceptionally large forest. We walk east for 10 minutes and find a field of tents all shapes and sizes. “I think we found our destination.” James says excitedly.

So we find a tent closer to the Qudditch field. “Hey, look!” James exclaims, “We can see the Irish training from here!” The game wasn’t until tomorrow so we had plenty of time to settle in. James had brought along his new Qudditch jumper, cap and microscope (So he could see what was happening on the field from far away angles).

Once the tent was set up I heard a familiar squeal. I turned around to see Molly running towards me. She gives me a big hug, “What are you doing here?” I ask in astonishment knowing that she want a fan of Qudditch. “Arthur wanted badly wanted to watch this year’s game!” She replies, “I have some big new!” She says, “I’m pregnant!”

It takes me a while to register what she had just told me, “Oh my god! That was fast!” I say with a slightly delayed reaction. She nods in anticipation and that is when I see Arthur, he looks younger and happy. “Congratulations!” I say to both of them. “She where are you staying the night?” I ask suddenly eager to hear more from her. “We are just around the corner from your tent.” Molly explains, “Arthur borrowed a tent from this kind man he works with.”

“Lily can you help me?” James calls, struggling with blowing up the mattress. “Sorry, I have to go. We’ll talk later!” I say with an apologetic smile. I retreat back to our camp site and recite a spell under my breath. The mattress instantly inflates and James looks at me dumbfounded. “I knew that.” He says in a matter of fact tone. “Sure you did.” I say.

Then someone starts pitching a slightly smaller tent next to ours. James gives the man a thump on the back and they start fooling around. When the hair is out of his face I see that it is Sirius. “I am in love!” Is the first thing that comes to his mouth. James and I stare at him in bewilderment. “It’s true!!” Sirius persists in a dazed manner. “Who is it?” I ask uncertainly.

“Francesca Bruno” He says in a dreamy voice and hands James a box of chocolates. “Yum! I need some chocolate!” I say while plopping a piece in my mouth. In an instant I feel crazy emotions for James and jump on him. I kiss every inch of him I can find. He gets up and looks at the box. “This is love chocolate!” He says in amusement and takes a look and Sirius and I. We both stand on the spot watching him intently. “I WANT FRANCESCA!” Sirius says in a raised voice. “You two are a mess” James replies.

It takes a while before James finds a cure for the love potion. He gives me a little bottle of white liquid to drink. “Have this and I will love you for eternity.” He says to me in a soothing voice. I believe him “I’ll do anything for you!” I say enthusiastically and I take big gulps of the white liquid. The light and bubbly effect was wearing off and leaving me with a thumping headache. I tried to get up but sat back down again.

 Later that afternoon, we all hear a knock on the tent door. James answers it and sees Lupin standing at the doorway wearing a self-satisfied smile. “Hello fellers, I just made a bet!” James offered him a seat by the fire, “And what is it that you bet?” He asks. “30 galleons Ireland will win.”
“That’s nothing!” James says and I give him a kick in the shins, “No one should be gambling let along encouraging it!” I say disgraced. Conversation over. We all sit with some hot chocolate talking about our holidays and plans for the following day, the conversation escalated for around 2 hours.

It was dark outside and Lupin began making strange noises. “Remus are you ok?” I ask, but it wasn’t long until I realised that it was a full moon. “Um you do know what night it is right?” I ask uncertainly. “Oh no, I thought it was an eclipse tonight!” He said through gritted teeth. Both James and Sirius got up at the same time and held Lupin up by the sides. 

“Don’t you dare follow us Lily!” James says struggling to keep Remus up. “He’s dangerous!”
“But-” I begin but don’t get to finish because they were already out of the tent. I sit back down, worrying about the boys but then remember that they have been doing this for a third of their lives. But I was paranoid. It was then when I heard an ear piercing howl, followed by a low growl. These noises continued for an hour before I couldn’t take it anymore.
I grabbed my jacket and made my way into the woods. I was getting deeper and deeper but there was still no sign of finding them. I heard another howl and ran in that direction. An hour later, I saw a big black dog stopping me in my tracks. I bed over, “Is that you Sirius?” I whisper, feeling ridiculous talking to an animal at the same time.

The dog growls but then bows its head and walks in the other direction. We walk for a while until I see a stag. ‘James’ I think realising how weird it is seeing my husband as an animal. Then to my absolute horror, I see Lupin. But not the Lupin I know, a Lupin that has curled nails, grey fur, white fangs and long padded feet.

James looks up at me and runs in my direction, I dodge at the last minute and take a step back. James would never hurt me. This time he came back to me and kneeled down. I got on his back and he ran back to our tent. I almost fell asleep when I saw a bright light. James had turned back into his human form and had a look of pure anger on his face.

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