Love Story

A heart capturing book based on the famous love story of Lily and James Potter.


15. Taken by the Ministry

Days had passed and there were no exactly exciting events. Until one Tuesday when we heard someone barge through our front door. “What the hell?” Asked James hearing the loud racket coming from downstairs.

Next minute, a tall man from the Ministry of Magic appeared with his wand raised. “Excuse me?” I say rudely, “You can’t just knock down our front door and walk into my bedroom!” I was outraged. The man spoke, “I am sorry to intrude but we have to take your husband to Azkaban.” I stare at him like he has lost his mind. “My name is Jeffery by the way madam.”

“Good to know, but you can’t take James!” Jeffery took out his and waved it, James suddenly fell to the ground with his arms cuffed behind this back. “What has he done?” I persist, wanting answers desperately. “He has been accused of murdering a muggle born.” Jeffery explains.
“THAT IS OUTRAGEOUS!” I scream, then turn to James, “Did you do it?” I ask a little softer that time. He shakes his head, unable to talk from the jinx. “You don’t even have any proof!” I stood still, caught in the moment watching James struggle, his knees going red from carpet burn.

“We had a report from an eye witness.” Jeffery says sternly, as if trying to make an obvious point. “Who?” I ask curiously, because what if I was wrong. What if James had committed murder?
“Peter Pettigrew.” His tone suggested that the conversation was over but it had only just started. James struggled under his invisible bond. “That is totally impossible.” I say disbelieving, “James must have been framed!”

But I couldn’t fit another word in before Jeffery hauled James onto his shoulders and walked out the door. “If you would like to attend the hearing, go to the Ministry and arrive at the court.” He informed me.

I quickly apparated to a red Phone Box and heard a small whimper. I turned around and saw Peter crouched down beside the box. “Why the hell did you report James in?” I ask viciously. I had never talked to him like that before but I know that James is innocent and would never in a million years do such a thing.

“I saw it happen!” He says almost apologetically, “Please believe me Lily!”
I left him on the floor and approached the Phone Box. A male’s voice appears and I recite a code of numbers. I look around and see someone moving towards me with a grin, “Lily! How are you?”
“Uhh good thanks!” I really don’t want to stay for a friendly chat. All I want is to find James. Then I realised who I was talking to, “Arthur?” I ask surprised, “What are you doing here?”

“I would like to ask you the same! I was hired as a junior Muggle disasters associate.” He exclaims proudly with a great confidence in his tone. “Oh so you would know your way around here by now?” I ask hopefully, “You might be able to take me to the court room?”

“Well, I don’t really know where most of this place is but I can take you there. Why would you need to be going there? I heard that there was a trial for a murder happening in 5 minutes!”
“Oh I can explain later, could you please just take me?”

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