Love Story

A heart capturing book based on the famous love story of Lily and James Potter.


20. Remember me?

One day on Monday, October 31, 1981, there was a knock on the door. “Hello?” I ask as I open the door. Peter Pettigrew was standing by on the welcome mat and pretended to be very interested in a cherry-bob, floating from a bush for a while. Then two words came out of his mouth before he ran away and didn’t look back, “I’m sorry.”

I was astounded but closed the door all the same. Then I heard Harry’s usual cries and hurried upstairs, forgetting about recent events. The day went by quickly and James had come home in a panic, “Lily lock the doors and the windows.”
“Why?” I ask, astounded at his urgency. “No time to explain just do what I say, Dumbledore will be here in a moment to enchant the house.”

But before Dumbledore had time to arrive, the door was knocked off its hinges. “LILY GET BACK!” I hear James shout. I run behind him and see immediately see why there was so much fear in his voice, a creature, barely human stood before us with a wicked smile spreading across his pale face.

“Hello Lily Potter. Remember me?” It took me a while to figure out what he was saying then one by one, memories came flooding back to the day of James’ hearing in court. “Get away from my family!” I say fiercely. “Oh, but I’m here to play! CRUCIO!” I sink to the ground and let out a scream of pain.

“STOP!” James protests and Voldemort stops just to play around with me like a rag doll. James tells me to run and I immediately run to Harry. He had been woken by the screaming and was now too crying. “Shhhh! Shhhh! Mummy is here!” I try to sooth him and cup him in my arms. I look down at his fragile face, “Mummy and daddy will always love you. Shhhh.” Then I hear the sound that I had been dreading. I knew all too well that James was only stalling time for me and Harry. I hear a thump of a body hitting the ground. Then the sound of footsteps walking calmly up the staircase.

Voldemort returns to me and walks into the small child’s room. “You are a monster!”
“Back away foolish girl and let me have the child! If you lend him to me willingly I will spare you.”
“You don’t even know the meaning of love! You will never understand that you can’t just ask that from someone you heartless snake!”

I place Harry back in his crib, his screams were growing louder, almost like he knew what was happening. I step in front of him, my arms spread protectively.

“Just remember that this was your choice little Lilly. Know that once you are gone, your son will be gone too. In the end, your sacrifice won’t even matter and people will wonder what had happened to poor Lily and James Potter, and their new born son Harry.”
By this point I was crying, the thing that he didn’t know was that I would protect Harry even when I am gone. I will do everything possible to keep his little heart beating.


I hit the ground but strangely still see everything that is going on in the room. It feels like a temporary coma, I can see but not speak or move. Voldemort takes one more step towards Harry. Then I do something that is totally bizarre, I step outside of my body. Now I know that I am dead but I will keep my promise to protect Harry. I walk towards the cot and stand between Harry and Voldemort. I take one last look at Harry and prepare myself for the ultimate sacrifice.

Voldemort tilts his head slightly, “Say goodbye Harry, say goodbye to mummy. Look…she is here with you after all.” He points towards my lifeless body, “AVADA KEDAVRA!”

Instead of hitting Harry it hits me, but since I am already dead it cannot hurt me so it rebounds on ‘Lord Voldemort’.

The last thing I see before I descend into whatever awaits me is Severus. He runs into the room and holds me tight. Nursing me in his arms as tears and sorrow fill his face. He loves me.


But I love James.

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