Love Story

A heart capturing book based on the famous love story of Lily and James Potter.


6. Paris

That night, Lily found herself fall onto her bed in utter exhaustion and entered a deep sleep. In her dream there was a quaint home and a baby resting peacefully in her arms. Lilly looked up at a tall hooded figure that was standing only a foot away from her. The figure reached to its hood with its long, slender, bony hands and removed it; she began to scream, which triggered the baby’s crying. It wailed as the figure held out his arms and took it, leaving Lilly lying on the floor in the small house, holding her hands over her face to avert her eyes from the creature.

She awoke with a shudder. The dream was so vivid that Lilly had almost thought it was real, but she calmed down and reminded herself that it was just a dream. When she walked down the stairs, there was a faint smell of waffles, cream and berries in the air. She took a seat behind the kitchen bench, watching James as he served breakfast onto two clean plates.

“Good morning sleepy head.” He said with a cute half smile. “What time is it?” Lilly asked, unaware of how late she had slept in.

“Time for you to eat breakfast.” He said, not answering her question. She rolled her eyes and moved from the bench to the breakfast table slowly, still feeling a little dazed from her dream.

“So when do you want to go to Paris?” He asked after a moment of silence. Lilly took a second to think up an answer, “Well I don’t really want to rush it-“

James cut in, “Perfect, so let’s go today!” Lilly stared at him in disbelief, did she hear him correctly? James liked to dive into things with such confidence and she loved that about him but this was a rash decision.

“But-” she begun before he cut in again, “Well…get packing, we have no time to loose!”

She wasn’t quite sure whether he was joking or not, nevertheless she walked back upstairs in disbelief and pulled out a large suitcase from under their bed. When she was finished packing, she found that James had already packed the previous night and was waiting by the front door with his luggage by his side.

“How are we getting there?” Lilly asked shortly, still uncertain whether he had a plan or not.

James reached out for her hand and squeezed it. Before she knew it, both Lilly and James found themselves standing in front of a large fountain with gold engraved lions and water coming out of a stone fish’s mouth. Towering over small cafes and stores in the distance she could see the Eiffel Tower in all its pride and glory. Locals were rushing to and fro, some looking particularly peeved off, like a bad smell was following them under their noses.  

“How did we get here?” Lilly asked, although she already knew the answer.

“Apparation.” He replied, enjoying the stunned look on her face. She had to admit, it was a skill that she didn’t even know he had.

Paris was beautiful, fragrances came from all around the town, especially from the bakers that were producing freshly baked break. The windows displayed magnificent foods like éclairs and macaroons; everything you could think of. There were waiters coming out of the pretty little restaurants offering the finest of French wines and speaking with glorious accents.

James led her to the closest café and they seated themselves at a table located in a small garden. Lilly looked around and saw a neat hedge with exotic flowers behind them as a feature. There were eight round tables sprawled around the garden that were fit for two people with a white cloth covering the surfaces and elegant cutlery framing the china plates. Each table had a candle in the centre and a small bouquet of flowers; something gave Lilly the impression that this was an expensive place to be and she worried whether they would be able to afford such a lush honeymoon.

“So what are your plans?” She asked James, assuming he would want to take on the role of assisting her through a tour of Paris.

“Well this is the first place, I heard they have snails to die for!” He teased with a silly smile.

“In your dreams!” Lilly said through a giggle, she felt like a little girl again, not having any worries or problems on her mind.

“Then,” He continued, steering her attention back to him, “We will arrive to our hotel on the third floor. It has an amazing view of the city.” He promised, “Especially at night time.”

Lilly thought about how grand it would be to open the curtains in the morning to a foreign city with such utter beauty and the whole experience would he shared with James.

“But we won’t get to see the lights on the Eifel Tower in our hotel tonight.” He added.

“Why not?” She asked, not wanting to sound too disappointed.

“Because we will be taking a cruise down the river in a private boat beneath the Eiffel Tower!” He did a little bow as if to say ‘you’re welcome’ then placed his hand on her cheek and looking into her eyes, his gaze intense and steady, “You deserve to be treated like a princess.”

Lilly sat there staring into the eyes of the most amazing person that she knew in the world and comforted her knowing that he was all hers.


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