Love Story

A heart capturing book based on the famous love story of Lily and James Potter.


16. Obliviate

I thanked Arthur when I had approached a large set of double doors. I opened one slightly and craned my head to see if I had chosen the right door. Inside was a small group of official Ministry Members that turned towards me. “Hello?” One asked. I didn’t recognise any of them but spoke up boldly, “Umm I’m here for my husband’s hearing. James Potter?”

I see James strapped to a chair in the middle of the court. He looks relieved to see me and I take a seat behind him and opposite to the Officials. “Ok may we begin now?” The head asks, I squint to see his name tag. On it read Orlando Switz and it was obvious that he wasn’t very happy about my presence. But I guess that I didn’t really care, I was here for James, and I needed to support him.

“James Potter you have been accused of murder reported by a witness. Do we have more evidence on the topic?” He asked the crowd, everyone shook their head. But at that very moment there was a clicking noise coming from the door handle. Then both of them burst open and Albus Dumbledore stood dashingly in the doorway. “Minister I believe that I have some information to provide.” I had to admit, no one could deny that the Professor looked extremely impressive in his long blue robes.

“I had a little chat to our formal witness Peter Pettigrew and he has admitted to me with great difficulty that he had falsely accused James of murder.
“Impossible, the boy came to us and personally informed the Ministry. Why would he lie like that about his best friend?”

“Well I have him here with me now.” Then a suddenly small Peter came shuffling into the room. “And I do believe after talking to the crime’s investigators that there was no body or trace of killing anywhere to be found around any part of the world.” He adds. James’ attention was on everyone, he badly wanted to be proven innocent. The presence of Dumbledore was definitely comforting.
“All in favour of charging James Potter for his accusation.” There was a small show of nervous hands.

“All in favour of releasing James Potter and removing all charges.” Two thirds of the audience raised their hands including mine and Dumbledore’s. The Minister’s hammer came down hard on his table and left the court looking annoyed at losing. I waited for James and together we thanked Dumbledore for his help.

Whilst James took a quick trip to the toilet I went outside to grab some fresh air. Then I heard some whispering coming from around the corner of another telephone box.

“You failed my wormtail.” Came the first voice, “You are a true coward.”
“I’m sorry master! I was pressured into talking!” Came Peter’s voice.

I approached them and a ghastly sight filled my eyes. I started screaming and both Peter and this ugly creature turned towards me. I couldn’t move, I was fixed on the spot. It took the form of a human but had horrible green skin a snake like nose and red slits for eyes.

“Hello there!” It said in a sly tone, “Come to play?” I managed a gasp.
“Master, you must not hurt her, the Ministry will get suspicious.”

“Master?” I say disgusted, finally finding my voice again, “You call him you master? Peter what is wrong with you? Are you sick?” I must have struck a nerve as the creature lashed back at me.
“You filthy Mudblood! Do you not know who I am? I am the greatest wizard who ever lived. People bow down before me! I am Lord Voldemort.” He spat back.

Then I was knocked to the ground and the last thing I heard was ‘Obliviate’.
The next morning I woke up with a big icepack covering my face. When I tried to get up I let out a groan and stopped to realise that I had a bruise on my forehead the size of China. James came into the room, “Than the heaven you’re ok!” He said with a sigh of relief.

“What happened?” I ask as he helps me up. “You had a bad fall, I found you on the floor near a Telephone box.”

A sudden image came into my head, “James I had a nightmare about Peter!” I struggled to remember but nothing was coming to me other than Peter’s look of Terror when he saw me. There was someone else with him I was sure of it!

James gives me an even more concerned look. “I’m fine I just need some rest” Then I instantly fall back to sleep.

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