Love Story

A heart capturing book based on the famous love story of Lily and James Potter.


17. Not so Unexpected

3 days had passed and my headache was getting better. One morning I got up and started cooking breakfast. James was reading the newspaper and suddenly popped the question, “Lily? Should we have a child?”
“Why would you ask that?”
“Because we have been together for a while now and I think it might be time. Besides, Arthur has already had one.” He points out.
“They had one?” I ask, “What did they name it?”
“He was a boy and they named him Bill. So what do you say Lil?” There was a spark in his eye that definitely wasn’t there before. “Usually the girls are the ones to ask first!” I was really hiding my excitement now, “So I guess it’s a yes!” I jump into his arms and he carries me to our bedroom.
When I wake up James is sleeping peacefully beside me. My back is hurting a little but I got over the feeling after a hot shower. Then the pain is back but this time it’s in my stomach. Then I quickly do a test and fun to my bedroom. “James! JAMES! Get out of bed I have to tell you something!”

We gather in the lounge room together and I prepare for an announcement. “It may be a little soon to tell but I think I’m pregnant!” It came out in a blur, I had just said it without any thought. “Are you sure?” Was the only thing that James could say, “Are you absolutely definite?”
“Positive!” It was a known fact that witches could determine if they were pregnant without visiting a doctor. So just to make sure, I called in an expert that day.

“James do you want buy some drink? Molly is coming over tonight.”
“No” Came a distant reply. He hadn’t left his computer all day. What he was doing remained a secret. My thought was he was trying to find tips on being a dad but it was unlikely that James was that kind of guy. James liked to take things as they come. “Why? Are you saving?”
“Can’t tell you.” Ok so I give up.
When Molly had arrived, we emerged into a complex conversation on pregnancy and symptoms.
“So where is little Bill tonight?” I ask realising that there was someone missing. “He’s with Arthur, I think he might still be adjusting to this baby business.”

It was around midnight when Molly asked a similar question, “Where is James?”
“He should be in the study.” I say but after looking around the house, he couldn’t be found. “Lilly darling can I take you somewhere please?”

Hey guys! I’m thinking of wrapping this story up soon but will be starting a new Movellas. Please make sure you read itsphamdrew’s Movellas Pretty Little Liars – A’s Point of View and *Liz*’s Movellas Veracity! Thanks xx


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