Love Story

A heart capturing book based on the famous love story of Lily and James Potter.


11. Ireland vs. Germany

“I was getting worried!” I say defensively. But I did know that I had done the wrong thing. James lectured me for the rest of the night like I was a disobedient child, but maybe I am. I start to see the sun coming up and realise just how tired I am.

“James we need to get some rest for the match!” I say. He decides to give me a break and we get in bed for some sleep. But as soon as our eyes closed, Sirius and Lupin came stumbling in our tent and falling onto the floor. I get up and see Remus’ clothes torn and cuts all over his body.
We all sit by the newly lit fire, James and Sirius talking away while I treat to Lupins wounds. Molly peers in through the tent door and sees the cuts. “Oh my!” She says in astonishment, “What has happened to you?” She makes her way over to us. “Oh I just ran into some pixies in the woods during the night.” Remus says casually without hesitation. “You poor thing! I’ll help you Lily.” She said in anticipation.

It wasn’t long before Lupin’s body was clean again and without a hint of cuts of wounds. “That should do it!” I say cheerfully. Then we all hear a noise coming from the distance. It was a magnified male’s voice coming from the Qudditch pitch. “Good morning Qudditch fans! I bet you’re all excited for the Ireland vs. Germany! Make sure to stop by the merchandise stores to get a badge, a mug, a foam finger, a cap, a flag, you name it! They have it all! We will be sponsored by ‘Pumpkin Juice’ today so get pumped. The game will commence at 12:00 exactly!”

That got people ready. The whole field of tents seemed more alive with activity. There were people cooking breakfast out the front above a small fire, toddlers roaming around sneezing steam. “I think it’s time we start walking over to get some good seats.” Sirius announces at 11:15. “I thinks that’s a good idea!” Says Lupin, suddenly in high spirits.

So Arthur, Molly, Lupin, Sirius, James and I all make our way down to the pitch. I watch wizards and witches passing by, eagerly predicting the outcome of the game. The whole atmosphere was alive with anxiety and team spirit. There were groups of wizards and witches who had met up in a designated location. There were people practicing charms and jinxes for when someone says something rude about their team.

When we got our seats on the 5th floor it was 11:45. “I am actually jumping in my seat!” I say nervously. I couldn’t contain myself, I felt like a little kid, not able to sit still during serious situations. James gave me a Qudditch brochure and I read about the brief history of the Germany and Irish teams. There were advertisements, player’s names, a timetable and some more history on the stadium. Then a siren went off and both of the teams flew onto the pitch.

I suddenly sat still. There was a wild cheer from the crowd as they all got in position. The two captains shook hands, both looking at each other as if they were silently sending each other death threats. They hovered above the ground a little higher and the whistle went off.
I didn’t really know who the players where but I could hear people screaming out names at the top of their lungs, “COME ON BANE YOU COULD HAVE GOTTEN THAT!” or, “YES YEILD YES, YOU CAN DO IT! YESSSSSSS!” It was ten minutes into the game and the score was 40 Germany, 50 Ireland. There was some strong defence and I surprised they had got any goals at all. But I had to think realistically, they were professional players – of course they were getting goals with strong defence!

The Irish Captain called a time off and the crowd once again started buzzing. “This is awesome!” Said Arthur in awe. “You can say that again! It beats school Qudditch.” I say, but James gives me a dirty look, “I was on that team!” He says. “Come on James! Be a little modest.” Everyone laughs and we sink back into our seats.


The game is back on, the Irish looking as determined as ever. But just as quick as it started, it ended. Germany had caught the snitch and the Irish looked murderous. Half the crowd whooped and the other booed. I could have sworn that India would have heard James and Sirius booing from all the way over here. The sound was defining, I had to block my ears with the palms of my hands.

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