Love Story

A heart capturing book based on the famous love story of Lily and James Potter.


2. Feast Speeches

Later that night, James appeared in the Great Hall and sat next to Lilly. "How is your speech?" she whispers nervously, "I haven't seen you all day!"

"It's gonna be a good graduation Lill."

She silently hoped that everything would be alright; Professor McGonagall was relying on them after all.

After Dumbledore had finished his usual speech and congratulated the year sevens, it was Lilly's turn. She walked up to the altar, peering at all the faces looking up at her. She tried to dismiss the fact that her hands were shaking and focused on a good presentation, James gave her an encouraging smile beside her.

Lilly cleared her throat one last time and spoke from her heart, only looking at the card in font of her as a guide, "When we were younger, we were told stories that some of us would have never thought true. With magic and enchantments, our belief led us here, to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Professors educating our minds, helping us to become stronger and quicker. I have formed friendships with people I would have never guessed." her eyes flicked to Sirius, Remus and Peter, then back towards the rest of the students "I have developed magic I only thought true in fairy tales. We are all united, separated only by our talents. To all my friends, the seventh grade, my professors, and finally you, the whole school community, we will be one heart forever."

The hall erupted in applause, deafening to the ear. Lilly thought only about how proud she was of what she had achieved here, only now, was she ready to leave. But where would she go? She had lived amongst muggles all of her life, but things were different, a true magical experience would be the perfect way to live this new life. She and James had plans of moving out together, they are still undecided because he has family to leave behind. Godric's Hollow would suit them most, but it's far away, further than Lilly would be comfortable with.

On her way back to the Gryffindor table, James squeezed my hand, then left to the altar, "My fellow students and friends, we will dearly miss Hogwarts. We have all been lead by great leaders, done the wrong thing at some point and gotten into trouble, but we all learn from our mistakes." He looked up from his paper and grinned, there was something wild about his expression.

And that was when the fart bombs went off around the whole hall, seeping through every gap  and giving off a gahstly stench. Everyone jumped from their seats while screams and laughter filled the hall. But with a flick of his wand, Dumbledore cleared the air and ordered the students to sit down again.

"Thank you for that, Mr Potter, pleases be seated." Dumbledore did not look happy, but it was not anger that he expressed, it was more disappointment, as if he expected better of James, but who in their right mind would trust James with something so important?


The dismissal was short after the great scene and the students were sent to their dormitories to pack for the train the next morning. Lilly had dragged James into an empty class room, ready to harass him for an explanation, "What was that? You just crushed McGonagall's trust and my dignity!" her voice was stern, she even reminded herself of McGonagall for a moment.

"Calm down Lill, I just wanted to leave school on a high note." he looked down and chuckled, "Besides, he dared me."

"Who dared you?"


"You thought that you could pull a stunt like that infant of Dumbledore just because of a dare? Are you insane?"

He took a step towards Lilly and pulled her towards him his hands on her hips, “Yes” he says softly, the corners of his mouth twitching up. She couldn't take it anymore, she put her hand behind his neck and pulled him down, his lips brushed hers. Nothing else existed except the pair of them, alone in the room together.


When Lilly got back to the girls dorm, Molly Prewett, Alice Lightwood and Tara Finnigan had already packed for the trip home. She managed to make a start, Molly helping her while they talked about their plans for the holidays. Alice would not stop talking about her boyfriend Frank and Tara  couldn't stop talking about her beloved cats.

When the room was stripped of all belongings and looked boring and dull, and their trunks where piled neatly in the corner, they decided to go to bed. Lilly lay in her four poster bed, far away from any sign of sleep as she thought about her parents and what they would say when she told them she would be leaving. What about Petunia? Her sister. They had never gotten along like peas in a pod exactly but Lilly wondered if Petunia would even care that she was leaving.

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