Love Story

A heart capturing book based on the famous love story of Lily and James Potter.


13. Dinner At Our House

I offer Francesca a seat in our dining room. James pours some white wine into 4 large glasses. “So how did you two meet?” I ask, wanting to start some conversation. “Well,” She starts, “I saw Sirius walking around my neighbourhood, aimlessly lost. I invited him inside for a cup of tea and he said that he was looking for a Francesca and if I knew her. I told him that was me and his face seemed to light up. I asked him how he knew me and started talking about love potion! Of course I didn’t believe him but I did notice how charming he was.” She stops and gives Sirius a sideways glance.

“He was also very handsome!” At that exact moment, before I could even ask why she didn’t believe that Sirius took that love potion, James comes in with a large plate of lamb. “So did you go to the Qudditch match?” James asks once everyone had some food on their plates. Sirius looks up alarmed then shakes his head behind Francesca’s back, indicating not to bring the subject up. “Oh I don’t really watch international sports! Besides, I have never heard of Qudditch.” Francesca says interested.

 “Oh well, not a really interesting game, “James replies to cover Sirius up, “So how do you like dinner so far?” How on earth does she not know about Qudditch? I wonder. She must stay inside a lot. “Oh it’s delicious!” She says with a tone of enthusiasm. But surely just to be polite because James’ cooking really isn’t to die for!

I take my wand out and flick it towards the radio, some soothing music starts playing. Sirius didn’t seem to notice what I had done, because he was mesmerised by his date. But Francesca certainly did notice, and want too happy about it. She sat in her chair looking stunned. “Nice party trick!” She says, but her jaw drops again when I raise some candles in the air and they start floating. Sirius did notice that time and stepped out of his seat, “LILY DON’T!” He says warningly, but it’s too late. Francesca starts screaming and tries to run to the front door.

Sirius holds her firmly, “She’s a Muggle!” He hisses into my ear. “Well a bit of warning next time Please!” I say astounded. I pull out my wand again and start preforming the memory charm, “Obliviate!” I whisper, pointing my and towards her. I stash my wand back into my pocket before Francesca comes back to reality. “Well that went well!” I say sarcastically. Francesca looks at me, “Did I do something wrong?” She asks in a hurtful tone, “its ok I’ll take you home now.” Sirius cuts in.
But in a moment he’s back after a quick Apparation. “So who gave you the Love Potion then?” I ask. We all stand there without an answer.

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