Love Story

A heart capturing book based on the famous love story of Lily and James Potter.


19. Baby Harry's First Year

The next week, after we had packed all of our belongings and clothing, we moved into Godric Hollow. Tireless months passed by and everything remained the same. I stayed home while James looked after me during the pregnancy. Then the day finally came.

“James! JAMES!” I see him walk into our bedroom and try to get up fast. But I sat up a little too fast and in return, received a massive head rush. “James I think it’s time to have the baby!”
The hospital was only around the corner so James would have time to drive me, “Are you ok? Is there anything you need?” James’ response to this all was quite funny but there was no time to laugh under these circumstances. “I’m fine I just need to get to the hospital NOW.”

Then a few hours later I had a baby boy. “James are we still going to call him Billy?”
“No I think he looks like a Harry now.” I smile faintly, but stop because all my muscles hurt badly. “Can you take him for me please?”

When we get home I set up his bedroom. “Look what Mamma and Daddy did for you!” I say in my best baby voice. A white wooden cot is placed to the right of the doorway and a toy box on the opposite side of the room. A rocking chair st still in the corner with blue pillows filling it with colour.
“Baby Harry!” I say trying to sooth his cries. Then he stops and starts again.

 Nearly a half a year passed and again, it was the same routine. I got up half way through the noight and fed harry. Then I woke up again in the morning and fed him again. We would play around the house together and occasionally visit the park.

Then it was Christmas and on the day we bought Harry down to the tree. “Look Harry! Look at all these presents! You lucky boy.” The first gift was from Sirius. There was a broom for juniors that would magically zoom around the house, hovering just above the ground. “Let’s just hope he doesn’t fall off.” I add to James.

Harry received dolls, and magic cards, baby goodies and the latest edition of ‘The Tales of Beedle the Bard’. Some gifts were from us and others were from friends. “Don’t forget to invite the Weasleys over tonight! Molly told me that she would like to cook a treat for us. She said that she would bring it over.”

He made friends over the year and attended a 'child care for the magical' every week.

One year seemed to pass by almost too quickly. James and I were making more money every month and our Gringots account was looking pretty stable. Everything was perfect until one night when it all came crashing down.

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