Love Story

A heart capturing book based on the famous love story of Lily and James Potter.


18. A Place to Call Home

Molly linked her arm with mine and we apparated to a small town. I looked around, confusion obvious on my face, “Molly where are we?”

She suspiciously didn’t reply and started steering me down a curved street. We passed an old graveyard and a small pub. “Oh here we are.” In front of us was a tall double story cottage-like house with a neat garden and ivy twisting itself around the front door. It was like a house from a fairy tale. Then my eyes focused on a man standing by the door. James stood still with his cheeky grin, “You coming in Mrs Potter? Did you pack your things?”

“Wait do you mean…is this…our house?”
“I didn’t want to live in your parents’ house any longer, we needed to start fresh.”
“Would you like a tour?” Molly suggested, eager to see my reaction. When we walked in through the doors there was a small hall way with doors coming off of it from all directions. The whole house was empty and looked like it needed someone to put it back in order. The first room on the right was a little living room with a fireplace that was already going.

The room on the left was a dining room only big enough for a small family, “James will there be enough room for guests to have dinner with us?”
“You will have to find out.”
At the end of the hall was a kitchen with an island and room for another table. A bathroom was located by the kitchen fridge and on the opposite side of the room were stairs going up to the second floor.

The next three rooms were empty bedrooms, each with panelled walls and large windows. The Master bedroom had an Ensuite and an in built cupboard. “James is this why you were on your laptop all day? Looking for a home?”
“Sure is!” He says proudly, “We move in next week. I guessed it would give us time to pack.”
“Did I ever tell you that I loved you? It’s true you know!” I say as-a-matter-of-factly. Then he kisses me, it was long and tender but became more intense before I pulled away, “We have an audience.”
“Molly doesn’t care! She’s inside.”
“No the baby!”

Then for the first time I feel a tiny kick, “Oh!” I say as I lean over in surprise. “Are you ok?” James asks concerned. But I indicate to lean in and he places his hand on my stomach. The little kicks pulse through my skin like a heartbeat. “Hey little buddy!” James whispers to my belly, “Welcome to the family!”
“What do you want to name him?” This was the question that I had been wanting to ask for a lvery long time, even before the pregnancy, “I like Billy. Billy Potter. That is for a boy of course. If it was a girl I would name her Jessica.”

“Billy Potter.” James tries out the name, “That sounds great! But as for Jessica…”
“Yes…as for Jessica” I persist, “As for Jessica what?”
“What about Zoe.” He tests the name a few times, “Yeah I like Zoe.” I nod my head in agreement, “Billy or Zoe it is then.” That went way better than I thought it would. There wasn’t any argument and it was made final in record speed. “Perfect” I repeat.

“Can we go home please?” I ask, suddenly realising how hungry I was.

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