My new baby sitters

Zara is an ordinary 11 year girl who is living with her mum because her dad just recently passed but when Zara's mum move to Paris for the Christmas holidays Zara has to get a baby sitter little does she know that her baby sitters are one direction the biggest boy band ever, will she go fan girl read to find out


16. truth or dare

                                               Zara's pov  

We have started playing truth or dare and it is Louis's turn "OK Zara truth or dare" Louis asks "dare" I say bravely there are little gasps all around the room now I am rethinking what i chose "OK i know your crush lives around here doesn't he live next door" Louis asked cheekly "how did you know" i say glumly "only one person knows about Conner and that's Charlie my BFF and she has never told anyone so how do you know" i asked basiclly interigating him "i didn't you just told me hehe now back to the dare i dare you to go to Conners house in Nialls clothes and go ask Conner to go out with you while you are stuffing your face with chips" he laughs "fine i'll do it" I say weakly more gasps go around the circle.                                                       

i get up and Niall follows so i can get changed when i am finished i go to the kitchen and grab a bag of chips and heap out next door with everyone following me.when we got to Conners house i knock on the door and he answers "oh hi zara don't mind me asking but why are you wearing male clothes" he asked "it's mmmmyy ddads" i said with  mouth full of chips "ok then what can i do for you" he asks i swallow my chips i am really nervous now "do you want to go out with me???? i asked "yes of coarse i have always liked you" he said "OK don't worry then i thought you didn't like wait what" i said suprised bye his answer "yes i will go out with you" "OMG THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! i yell as i run up and hug him the only thing that suprises me is that when we stop hugging he kisses my on the lips pasionitly 

                                                      back at the house LIAMS POV

"How dare he kiss my little sister i might to have a word with have a word with him i will call him now" i said myself so i grabbed zaras phone

(L=Liam and C=Conner)

C-hi Zara

L-this is not Zara it is her big bro Liam Payne 

C- I thought Zara's only bro was her step bro Tristan 

L-nope i am her bro

C fine what do you want 

L-I saw you kiss her today and i know you two are going out 

C- how do you know that 

L- it doesn't matter all you need to know is that you will be here at 6:00 pm tonight and i am going to talk to both you and Zara together

C-what ever. later

L- good bye.............................................................................





a/n hope you guys enjoyed that chapter i'm sorry i havn't been on lately school just started again and it is crazy i will try and post some more tonight

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