My new baby sitters

Zara is an ordinary 11 year girl who is living with her mum because her dad just recently passed but when Zara's mum move to Paris for the Christmas holidays Zara has to get a baby sitter little does she know that her baby sitters are one direction the biggest boy band ever, will she go fan girl read to find out


9. she is ok

                                                                     Nialls pov

"is she okay" Liam was on the edge of shouting at the doctor "yes MR Payn she is fine she just fainted of shock,I am guessing she didn't know that you two are brother and sister either" he said "no she didn't Liam said " if her mum finds out she will think we are bad baby sitters and we won't get our money" Harry said to me "Harry don't be so selfish!" I shouted at him, everyone looked at me so i just slumped down further in my seat "ugh Harry see where your selfishness led me, I yelled at you and now everyone thinks I am a weirdo" i said angrily but trying not to yell "sorrrry" Harry said extending the r.

                                                                 Zara's pov

i had just woken up, the doctor had told me that I had fainted of shock because Liam told me that we are brother and sister, so it was real I think to myself, then all of a sudden Liam and the boys walk in with a wheal chair "what is that for" I ask pointing at the wheal chair "you can go home now but you need to go in this" Zayn said "but i'm fine' i say " no arguing with your babysitters" harry laughs " so I get in the wheal cahir and we head for the car.


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