My new baby sitters

Zara is an ordinary 11 year girl who is living with her mum because her dad just recently passed but when Zara's mum move to Paris for the Christmas holidays Zara has to get a baby sitter little does she know that her baby sitters are one direction the biggest boy band ever, will she go fan girl read to find out


13. learning about the girls

                                                            Zara's pov

"Hey Zara!" I here Niall yell from down stairs "WHAT I AM TRYING TO SLEEP HERE" I yell back " sorrrry cranky pants" I here Harry say "typical boys" I say to my self "come on" I here Louis whin "fine I am comin" "now scene as though u woke me up this better be important" I yawned "do u want to meet our girlfriends" liam says "not ours just our friend" zayn and lou both say "sounds good but why not Perrie and Eleanor" I asked sadly "they are buisy doing stuff" Louis said "ok" I say "you better  tell me a bit about them first" I say eagerly "I'll go first" Zayn offered "ok so my best friends name is Ella she has crystal blue eyes and her long light/ dark brown hair sound strange when you say it but it is pretty cool, she is fun and bubbly she is almost like a child and strangely she is great with kids and she gives great hugs she is also an amazing singer" Zayn said

"my turn" Liam nearly yells "ok go" I say to him "ok well my girlfriends name is Gabby she has amazingly gorgeous dirty blonde hair that goes great with her beautiful greenish blue eyes, she is 19 and she has a personality just like me she is funny, shy, crazy and smart what more could you want" he said

"ok my turn" Niall said excitingly "ok well my girlfriends name is Kenzie she loves singing, she eats a lot (eating is her life)" "hold up mate before you say anything else zara and I will go get lots of snacks if we have both u and Kenzie in the same place it will be crazy" liam said "ok mate but I will keep talking" niall said.

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