My new baby sitters

Zara is an ordinary 11 year girl who is living with her mum because her dad just recently passed but when Zara's mum move to Paris for the Christmas holidays Zara has to get a baby sitter little does she know that her baby sitters are one direction the biggest boy band ever, will she go fan girl read to find out


8. it is not a dream

                                                               Zayn's pov

we are all waiting in the waiting room for Liam to finish talking to Zara so we can go in, meanwhile Louis went back to Zara's house looking to see if the person who hurt Zara left anything behind, everything fell silent the only thing you could here was people tapping on the keys of their computers and Tristan sobbing, Tristan finally broke the silence by asking why we were here "w-why are you g-guys here, s-shouldn't y-you be m-making music" he asked between sobs "well we have finished our tour and our album midnight memories has been released so we decided we needed something to do while we were on a break and our manager Paul agreed and since we love kids we decided to babysit and you guys were the first people to contact us" Harry and Niall explained to him HURRY we hear a nurse yell as they ran into Zara's room we see Liam walk out of the room with tears in his eyes "are you ok mate" I ask him sympathetically "no' he says


                                                               Zara's pov 

"WHAT" i yell at Liam "this can't be possible i can't be your sister, this is a prank isn't it, i must be dreaming when I wake up i will be in my bedroom no 1D no hospital everything is just a dream" I say stressfully i close my eyes tight '123' i count to myself it is all real next thing i know everything went black. 

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