Dont let me go

Lexi can't u see I want you, I need you your my oxygen, my smile, my laugh, your everything


6. oh great

I wake up and remember I smiled to myself I turn around to see harry I stare at him for alittle good morning beautiful morning I say back I grab my phone and check the time 12:16 I go down stairs and see the girls looking rough hey lex hi I called a cab to come get us so get it shit ok I go up stair put my underwear and bra on then my shorts I kept Harry's shirt on and just grabbed my shirt I got my toms on and rote a note to harry us girls left see u at the dorms and I had fun last night ~Lexi

Ok so I go out side an see the girls in the cab I hop in so lex I was wondering sense we already live at your dorm do u think we could just stay there sense u were supposed to have 2 roommates but your mom got u the hole room bye yourself and there's 2 other rooms omg j that's a great idea well move u guys in later today yaaa d yelled hey keep it down oh sorry cab sir we were sitting there then my phone went off from harry

Harry: kitten I had fun to can't wait to see u at the dorms and I have to ask u something when I get there ok ?

Lexi: ok bye

Harry:bye babe;)

Guys I really like harry oh we know I blush and u what's up with zayn and Niall well I have a date with zayn I next Friday and me and Niall are gonna go get lunch on Tuesday that's cool were here the cab driver said ok thanks I hand him a 20 and we go into my dorm guys I'm taking a shower I said ok I'll be back in a hour I'm gonna go pack d said and I'll do the same j said ok bye girls I go to the bath room and turn the water on and stripped I let the water take all the dirt and alcohol smell from me I had my music on so that was blasting I went to get me loofa and put my body wash on it I started putting on my until a hand went over my mouth I couldn't move then I took it all in and turned around and punched them in the stomach I heard chuckling and I knew that chuckling anywhere HARRY I shook my hand cuz my nuckles killed harry what the hell are u doing in here well first u need to find a better place to keep your spare key and 2 I wanted to see my kitten I continue washing my body but harry grabbed it and did it for me I kinda tensed up I guess he noticed cu he told me to relax and I obeyed after that I washed my hair and was just letting the water hit me until I heard j's voice I look at harry an he looks shocked I jump out turn the water off run into the room and and throw a bra and under wear on hold on j ok and she walked in or not I got all my stuff in the hall way so we need to get that in but first I need to go pee of corse I mumble what lex oh nothing ok? She goes to the bathroom shuts the door and not even 10 seconds goes bye when she yells my name shit I walk in yes j why is there a half naked harry in the bathroom oh I didn't notice when did u get here I look at him he started laughing whatever get out I need to go pee ok we left I pic out some skinny jeans and a shirt that says FUCK on it stupid but I love it it was cropped I brushed my hair and put it in a pony tail and put makeup on so I walk in to the hallway and harry and j are right behind me I see her smiling so how do u expect 2little girls to carry these big boxes well.... She looks at harry fine he said but I'm gonna go get brad um ok he came out with that brad I guess it was his roommate ok so the got one box and me and D got the other with her close in it so it want so heavy we set it down and I was pushing it to the corner and I felt hands on my ass and it wasn't j or harry cuz they already left I turn around and it was brad don't touch me u prick I spat at him he slapped me I felt my cheek It was stinging I looks up at him an my eyes darkens u don't hit a girl and u certainly don't hit me I push him down on the ground and start hammer punching him I got up and spat on hi get out of my house u asshole he got up and walked out I was beyond pist I was pacing trying to cool my self down but it was making me more mad harry came by me are u ok kitten I turn around and he sees my cheek Lexi who did that to u really harry fucking Casper who the hell do u think did this to me brad he whispered he came by me and hugged me I'm so sorry Lexi oh no need to say sorry u should see him he smirked then j came where's brad that was it I went charging out of the dorm and went straight to Harry's door I stared banging on it u better open up this sorry u dick it was locked I was pounding on it then harry pulled me over his shoulder and took me in a supply closet Lexi u need to calm down I can't harry I need to see him no cuz if u see him then the cops are most likely gonna be involved FUCK THEM he giggled I agree he kissed me I kissed back and relaxed your right harry I know harry will u be my girlfriend of corse I will I jump on him and rap my legs around his waist and kissed him now let's go help d with here stuff ok ok kitten we walked out and I saw brad standing out side of it with blood on his shirt I looked away then we walked by me u bitch I heard oh crap harry I forgot my lipstick in the closet hold on we were like 1foot away from brad I ran over there and got in his face u touch me one more time I will brake your fucking neck then harry lifted me up from behind me lipstick huh? He said I got one more good punch and spat I his face go to hell and harry took me in to my room kitten your something else u know that shut up I didn't do anything oh really why don't u say that to all to brads face well I would but ..... Right not a good idea I kissed me and we walked out I saw d and she had 3 suitcases and I box we the suitcases and the box in here room and sat down on the couch I'll be back harry said I need to go to my room really quick um ok tell brad I said go fuck yourself ok babe will do kitten will do he left he came back 5 minutes later so kitten can I stay at your place tonight cuz I'm kinda locked out of mine she smirks ya u can sleep in my bed and she winks I laugh ok thanks eww d said don't be to loud I gasp and open my mouth a little she just laughed I went to the kitchen to get a drink guys I'm gonna get In some shorts I walk in to my room and take my pants off I look threw all my close and can't find my black booty shorts I walk in the living room girls were is my black shorts oh look on my bed d said ok found them I yell I put them I and put my hair in a messy bun on top of my head and walk out let's watch a movie I said ok great idea the girls picked love actually about half way into the movie the girls were out and I yawned come on love let's go to bed harry said ok he got up and shut the tv off and came to me and picked me up bridal Style I he walks in the room and threw me on the bed and locked the door why are u locking the door harry so no one walks in on what were gonna do tonight sleep?..... No silly he came over bye me and whispered in my ear I'm gonna rock your world I giggled but looked up harry I'm a virgin I said he giggled I know lexi that's one of the reasons why I like u how did u know well your not easy and last night it must of not hurt since u were drunk. Oh is all I could say he lifts my chin and kisses me I kissed back I let my back hit the bed and pull harry down with me it became a make out session I trail my hands down to the bottom of his shirt and start lifting it are u sure lexi I look in his eyes they were so full of concern yes harry he shook his head and flip me over so that he was on top seconds later my shirt was off and his pants too I felt his boner threw his boxers I giggled he then flipped me around so I was no longer on top what I can't help my self your so hot I blush he took me bottoms off and he was on his knees about to take his shirt off but I got on my knees in front of him and took it off I felt his abs I decided to go down i was taking his boxers off but after words he pushed me back down put a condom on and stroked it was so hot seeing your boyfriend do that I couldn't explain I bit my lip and he noticed me he came by me and took my underwear off and went for my bra we were completely naked are u ready lexi I jut nodded he entered slowly and I shut my eyes cuz the pain shot right he whispered it will be okay he kept going a little faster I moaned cuz it felt so good harry faster he smirked and went faster he kissed me but I wouldn't let go I dug my hands in his back and he smiled I arched my back and I felt the HARRY..... Let go he said and that's what I did I threw my head back and I felt the warm liquid fill up in the condom he a me out of me and buried his neck into my collar bone then rolled over I giggled that was fun I said ya it was I got up and took all the blankets to see harry on my bed naked I laughed and grabbed fresh underwear and a bra he chucked his shirt at me wear this u will look sexy I just shook my head and smiled I got changed in the bathroom and came out I crawled into it to see him in his boxers do u have plans tomorrow lexi um ya Me and the girls I gonna go to the gym wanna come sure I'll invite Niall and zayn the girls will be happy with that I said I then fall asleep !!!

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