Dont let me go

Lexi can't u see I want you, I need you your my oxygen, my smile, my laugh, your everything


4. in the club

I wake up and it's Friday me and Diana don't have classes but Joanna has to so I call Diana and she comes over hey babe hi love I said Lexi I was thinking let's go to the club tonight um.. Ok only cuz I had a bad week and I want to forget about it but your taking care if me tomorrow ok babe let's go shopping ok Joanna's gonna be mad we'll get her a dress to ok so my car ya I was driving to the mall and blasting music were here Diana ok let's get this party started let's go to forever21 k I find this white tight dress right under my ass and black heels Diana got a black one same but with sparkly grey heels and we got Joanna a dark blue one with black heels it needed up being 5:00 bye the time we left to the dorms I unlocked my door to see a Joanna on my couch I forgot I gave them keys cuz there roommates suck I can't believe u went shopping without me Lex and D don't worried we got u something for tonight ok so go get in the shower then I'll get in and then D ok k after ah got out I jumped I. And the water felt so good I decided I should get out so Diana can get in when I jump out I put on some underwear and a bra and walk out hey lex can u curl my hair when your done ya babe now get in the shower I help Joanna zip up her dress and I here a knock on the door so I go and get it i open it I see a cute boy with dark curls and green eyes his eyestalks from head to toe and I look down to see I'm in my bra and underwear o crap come in ill be right back so he does I quickly get booty shorts on and a tank top Joanna was going pee I guess cuz she was in the bathroom I walk out um sorry about that I'm Lexi it's ok babe I'm harry your mail went to my dorm it's down the hall ok thank u no problem hopefully I will see u around I blush and he walks out I run in to the room cuz it's already 8:13 and the cab is coming at 9 Diana is dressed and I'm the only one who isn't so I get my dress on and heels and straighten my hair and apply mascara and eyeliner I help Diana curl her short brown hair and we leave we go to the club 30 mins away from the dorm and wait for about ten minutes to get in and Joanna Diana and I go to the bar and drink 3 shots of vodka before we go and dance we were grinding on each other until some guy put his hands on r waist I went with the flow until he was grabbing my ass so I let go of him and went to the bar I was so mad I was drinking shot after shot after my 5 one I was waisted I get up ad kinda trip but someone catches me I look up to see harry lexi? I giggle ya I stand up grab his wrist and pull him to the dance floor he grabbed my hips and I went down when I got back up he had a smirk I whispered in his ear your so hot and I nibbled on his ear me and him went to the bar I ordered water and he laughed I was drunk I need to get a little better I chug the water and feel a little better Joanna comes up to me drunk as he'll with Diana right behind her hey babe I'm here to see that sexy bartender Joanna said he was actually cut he had tan skin with a dark black quiff and hazel eyes he smiled at j and got her some blue drink she grabbed me after chugging it an went straight into the sweaty people I giggled and was dancing with her harry came bye us and said do u wanna get out of here I smile and say ya but my friends they can come so I tell Joanna and Diana and we leave To a cab me and harry sat in the back of they can and j and d sat in the middle d was talking to j and laughing really hard me and harry were talking until he leaned in and I kissed him he was a good kisser when we got to the dorms the girls went to mine and I went to his we were making out and it was getting hectic I was on him and I ripped his shirt off still kissing him he was going for my dress until some guy walked in I hopped off of him and he gave that guy a flat hi roommate probably I kiss him one more time an say see ya around harry I leave my number and walk out when I get to my dorm u didn't even lock the door I walk in and see the girls on my bed in there bra and underwear I guess they didn't want to get into pjs I did the same and laid in bed I fell asleep I woke up around 12 the girls were asleep so I go to the living room and see harry I look at him my head actually doesn't hurt why the hell r u in my dorm it was cracked open this morning and I went to find u but I saw 3 girls I. There bra and underwear so I came in here I give him the weirdest look ever and walk to the living room I got In the shower and got changed into skinny jeans and a black V-neck and some toms the girls were up and when I go to the kitchen Diana was putting a aspirin down her throat and Joanna was doing the same they borrowed some of my shorts and a shirt I walk to the living room to see harry still here um.... What r u still doing here ouch kitten I roll my eyes I want u and your friends to come to my boys place were all going to hang out and 3 of them don't have girlfriend and he looks at d and j I giggle and of corse your my date what ever I go and tell the girls and they get dressed in some skinny jeans and a cropped shirt I changed into black high waisted shorts with a hottie cropped shirt I got on black pumps and soo did the girls I left my hair wavy and just put on the usual makeup and went to the living room oh now he leaves I feel hands wrap around my waist looking good kitten thank u he goes down and starts to suck on my skin and lick it I feel it this douche just gave me a love bite that means your mine I laugh in a long shot babe come on kitten let's go I call d and j and they come out we walk to a range rover and I kinda stop harry and j and d do the same Lexi why did U stop were gonna get in a car with a total stranger to go who nos were j laugh and hips in yolo d does to I wasn't a stranger to u yesterday when your tongue was down my throat I roll my eyes I'm only going cuz they r I sit in the front and he blast the music it was a ten minute drive he pulls up to a huge house this is your friends house ya kitten let's go I walk up and he plop end the door and I see 4 guys and 2 girls Harry the guy with the light brown hair says louis and they hug this is Lexi Joanna and Diana hello hi we all said then the blonde boy comes up to us hi I'm Niall I say hi I Lexi he smiles looks at Joanna and she says hi I'm Joanna and looks at Diana hi I'm Diana he looks her up and down and says hello she giggles and he took her hand and said I'm gonna borrow her I smile and say ok then the bartender comes up I look at j and she is red she was telling him yesterday how hot he was oh hey I remember u guys hi I'm Lexi and I'm Joanna hi I'm zayn harry introduces us to elenour louis girl and Danielle Liam's girl I go sit by j and Danielle and we talk until louis yells truth or dare I go and sit by d this is gonna me crazy louis looks up I'll start um Diana truth or dare he pics truth is it true u think Niall is hot she nods and blushes he does to ok then Niall's turn lexi truth or dare um dare ok let me think ... I dare u to kiss were body in this circle I mentally slap my self oh and one more thing I look up for the boys u need to make out I laugh I start wit Danielle I peck her lips and do the same with j and d and I go to elenour I kiss her and get up I got to Niall sit on his lap and kiss him he shoves his tongue in my mouth and then we pull apart I go to louis and sit right next to hi an do the same when I got to zayn I stand up and tilt his head up and do that he was a good kisser I go to liam how was a make out with no tongue I finally get to harry I put to each leg on each Side and kissed him we made out for like 3 minutes and I for off of him I look at Niall and just said done !

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