Dont let me go

Lexi can't u see I want you, I need you your my oxygen, my smile, my laugh, your everything


5. crazier

I look at Niall and say done

Wow I didn't know u were actually gonna do it ! Well u gotta do what u gotta do then every body started laughing ok Lexi it's your turn um..... Ok louis truth or dare DARE he yelled I giggle ok I are u to take all your close off and jump in the pool ugh fine I'm so lucky it's still sort of winter louis brought me out of my thoughts when I see a but and him jump in to the pool I couldn't breath I was laughing then all of a sudden there was a naked louis on the back of me omg I feel so violated he finally comes back with close on well since that's over louis turn harry truth or dare truth is it true u want to fuck Lexi I giggle and look down while my face is red as ever I can feel Harry's eyes on me then he said yes I started to laugh and look at him then I bit my lip to try to stop laughing absolutely harry said I just had to look away harry your turn Niall yells zayn truth or dare dare he said ok I dare u to make out with J he looks at her then pushes her down and makes out with her for a good 4 minutes every body let's get a drink ya when we were walking harry grabbed my bum I jumped cuz it scared the shit out of me then I here I'm chuckle louis pulls out a bunch of alcohol WOAH let's get this party started I yell and the girls laugh zayn slipped me a shot and I chugged it down NO lexi u have to wait for every body hit sorry hit me with another then if sit down and he hands every body one then me last ready go I yelled and every body gulped it down liam turned the music up and we all started dancing it was around 9 when I was waisted I took another shot then looked at harry and smirked he smiled I started walking and I could hear Harry's steps so I took off my shoes and left them at the hall when I found the indoor swimming pool I took off my shorts and my cropped shirt and threw it by the door for harry then I walk by the pool waiting for harry when he comes he's standing in the door frame I smirk and take a step back then I jump in the pool and reach the surface u coming in the waters great he laughs and takes his shirt off and all I see is toned abs with tattoos damn I said on accident he just smirks and jumped in when he reaches the surface and I pull him towards me and rap my arms around his neck and rap my legs around his waist and look in his eyes I looked down to see the smirk on his face I'm gonna tease this boy so I go down to his collar bone and suck lightly then I lick it I hear him moan and I smile I slide my hands down to his abs and then play with his boxer lining I look up at him and see his face with pleasure that's when I decided to put my hand in his boxers ....l-Lexi..... He moaned it made me giggle that's when I started to rub then all of a sudden u hear cannonball and a drunk Danielle is in the pool with us then here comes everybody else but I didn't stop he was leaning against the wall when they all came around us and louis was the only that could actually think so I was still on him I kept going and he tried to keep his moans quite so I went bye his ear and whispered seductively no need to be shy styles don't hold back and I bit his earlobe and went to his lips I kissed him once and bit his bottom lip then I decided to go faster then he threw his head back and yelled Lexi and he let go I was laughing and kissed him and got off of him I'm gonna go get a drink I was still in my bra and under wear then someone snakes his arms around me not so fast kitten I turn around and look at those sexy green eyes what was that little stunt back in the pool kitten oh I just wanted to give u a little piece of what could of happened last night and I winked now let's go get a drink I'm loosing my buzz he grabs my arm and pulls me to the bar it was about midnight when I couldn't find the girls but when I walked in to see d and Niall on the couch asleep and I look at harry let's just stay here for the night I shook my head ok and he took me upstairs then I heard a sound from a closed door I started to laugh cuz we all no j is in tree harry lead me to a room and set me on the bed he went to the dresser and pulled out boxers and a shirt he set the shirt bye me and I said thanks then all of a sudden he pulled his boxers down I shrieked and turned my head he started to laugh it's ok Lexi do u not remeber what happened in the pool I smirked and sat up so he looked at me I tried to keep my eyes on his face but I couldn't my eyes went down slowly and my eyes went wide then he pulled his boxers up I went back up to his eyes and there was that signature smirk so should I put on the shirt for u or can u do it I shook my head no u can do it I said he came by me and grabbed the shirt I put his hand down he looked up at me first I pointed to my bra his eyes kinda went a little but and he just shook his head yea he came up close to me wrapped his hands around to my bra hook and in hooked it he took one strap off me and then went the other and pulled it all the way off and let every thing fall his eyes fell and I laughed he then reaches for the shirt again not yet styles o-ok he stuttered he got on his knees and slightly pulled it down he grabbed my thigh and I moaned he looked up at me your turn I couldn't say any thing I just was locked in his eyes he pulled them down all the way and I was speechless I shivered he giggled his hand was moving up up he came by me and picked me up and set me on the bed I looked at him and he have me a look asking for permission I shook my head and he went down I felt his tongue in me and I moaned he looked up at me say my name n-no I stuttered he stuck a finger in me and pumped I arched my back and he smirked say it I just shook my head no again an he put another in me and pumped faster and started sucking I tightened I grabbed his curls and I don't think that help HARRY I moaned and yelled and I let go he came up closer to me and sat me up he grabbed the shirt and put it on me I grabbed him and he laid right next to me and rapped his arms around my waist I felt so safe and I drifted off to sleep

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