Help me lose my mind (Harry Styles)

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  • Published: 17 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 25 Feb 2014
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Vera Steele has called Broadmoor criminal lunatic asylum her home for the last year. Things in Vera's simple life change when Harry Styles a skinner of women gets admitted to her block."Talk to me and watch me crumble you will see me come undone faithfully I will look over there I’ll find what you’ve become"


10. Chapter 9.


I stir slightly when I hear the door creak open. It must just be the wind so I roll over a fall back asleep. Minutes later I feel heaviness on me and I try to move but I cant. My eyes fly open and nothing is on me. My room is still dark but I have a horrible feeling. I try to sit up but my body just wont move. I begin to stress out and muffled noises make there way out of my closed mouth. Why can’t I move?

“Hey its ok Vera calm down”

I know that voice. Philip.

“Now Vera you will be fine, I just gave you a little something to keep you still. See I remember the first night you stayed when your father dropped you off. You came down stairs in the middle of the night for water” he sits on my bed and places his and on my upper thigh. “I remember you were wearing this little night gown. When you reached up for a glass it slid up your delicate soft skin” Oh god what is happening? “I knew from then that you wanted me Vera it was only so long I could stop myself. Yet here I am and there you lay just waiting for me”

Philip pulls back my covers and drags my nighty up to my hips. I am fully exposed to him.

“Now Vera no one must know about this ok” Philip whispers as she spreads my legs and climbs on top of me.




“Hello Vera” His voices is horse and I hope he chokes on it. I hope he falls dead right now right here. Actually I wish I had taken that scalpel from Theo last time I was in the nurses’ station so I could kill him myself.

“Who are you?” Harry asks. With no emotion whatsoever

“I am Vera’s Uncle, Philip” Philip holds out his hand for Harry. Bad idea Philip you shit. Harry stiffens and I can feel the anger rolling off him in ripples.

“I know exactly who you are you disgusting son of a bitch,” Harry growls.

Philip takes his hand back “Now I think you must have me mistaken” Philip takes a step back

“Oh so you are not the person she was supposed to be able to trust that took advanta-“ Harry starts.

“Stop!” I yell. “You promised” I beg Harry.

“You are right Vera I am sorry I did promise to tell no other soul.” Harry stands. “But what I did not promise was that he would stay alive” Harry spits and lunges for Philip. Harry punches him in the face again and again. The guards are quick to act. Other families look at Harry in horror. Harry is injected with a sedative to calm him. Philip lies still and bloody on the floor but is chest still rises with breath. Harry is dragged away and I sit unable to move.



Steph takes me to my cell and gives me a sorry smile before locking me in. What the fuck just happened? Why didn’t I stop it?

“Steph” I call out. He waits at my door.

“I need to see Harry now” I order. Steph reluctantly opens my door and leads me to Harry’s cell. Lisa is standing outside it. Steph and I stay hidden.

“You stupid boy that innocent man is stuck in a hospital bed in an induced comma” Lisa bellows.

“You will learn that this kind of behaviour is not tolerated here. Take him to room 80B but wait until I get there to start I want to watch him suffer”

What the hell is room 80B?

“He is not fucking innocent” Harry growls. Please Harry no I plead silently. Lisa ignores him and he is lead out and through a corridor. I rush into Harry’s room. I slump on his bed and Steph waits at the door.

“Where are they taking him?” I ask quietly

Steph does not answer.

“Where” I raise my voice a little. Steph still remains quite.

“He is a misbehaving patient,” Steph whispers.

No. No, no, no. Steph has to be lying. They would not do that him. He has been so good this whole time.

“Take me there” I order

“Vera no I will not”

Tom walks in. “You are not supposed to be in here. Do you job damn it and take her to her room” Tom growls Steph.

Stephan picks me up like a small child. I am to shocked to move. Electroshock therapy. I officially hate myself for sharing my secret. Something I will never do again.

“Steph I need to be there when he gets back” Steph stays silent but nods his head.



I has been to long. They must have been too hard on him and now he is dead. They killed him and it is my entire fault. I sob until sleep finally finds me.

I wake up in a cold sweat panting and thirsty. I need to see Theo.



In the nurses station the other girl Katie is there.

“Where is Theo?”

Katie looks up at me. “I am not sure, she is late for her shift though. I do know that much”

Theo has never missed a day of work in her life. What is going on in this place? I feel like I am actually going insane. I want to scream but I hold my composure because I need to see Harry.



Harry is sitting at our table with a blank expression. I say nothing as I sit across from him. Harry stares at me for a few minutes. His eyes still having the same hold on me as the first time. It feels like years ago rather than just a couple of weeks. Harry moves his chair so close he may as well have been sitting on me. He never breaks his stare. Slowly I stand up and lace my arms around his neck and Harry rests his head on my belly. He breaks down and cries. I hold him in my arms and cry with him.


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