Help me lose my mind (Harry Styles)

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  • Published: 17 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 25 Feb 2014
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Vera Steele has called Broadmoor criminal lunatic asylum her home for the last year. Things in Vera's simple life change when Harry Styles a skinner of women gets admitted to her block."Talk to me and watch me crumble you will see me come undone faithfully I will look over there I’ll find what you’ve become"


6. Chapter 5.

“Who are you?” The woman I am looking at is not Kelly. Well unless Kelly grew her hair and dyed it blonde lost weight and shot up a few centimetres all in one night.

“My name is Anna, Kelly is indisposed at the moment”

Kelly has never taken a sick day in like forever, wow I am kinda stressing at this new girl I thought I coped with change better. She scares me I feel weird around her.

“So who is Philip and what is his importance in your life Vera?” she starts. When I don’t answer her I can tell she is a little frustrated.

“Now I see by the lack of notes and amount of sessions attended I would think maybe little Kelly was taking no notes but after going though a few patient files I can tell her note taking is very in-depth. Which leads me to the fact that young Vera doesn’t talk too much. So I asked around and towards the staff you are in contact with you seem to be quite verbal so I just want you to know in order for me to help you, you must tell me what goes on in that pretty little head of yours. And if you don’t there will be consequences” He smile is fake. So this Anna pretty much won’t take any of my shit I resort to the last option as to escape talking to her. I start to cry; Anna’s face contorts slightly as my cry becomes worse and worse. Wow this is easier than I thought; maybe I was due for a good cry. I force it so hard I start to feel ill. I act like I try to talk but my blubbering makes it almost impossible. Anna gives up for today and sends me back to my room. But not before assuring me that we will be talking again soon.




The next day at lunch is not awkward at all like I had expected. Then again Harry was nowhere in sight. The doors opened and in walked Theo and I could have hugged her but I had to control myself because I didn’t want to look like I was trying to kill her or anything.

“Theo it is so good to see you” I smile as she sits. There is something wrong though her face gives her away

“Theo what’s wrong?” I ask worried

“Vera you have to start talking” Theo is very hushed in her answering.

“What are you talking about?”

“I said you have to start saying things to that new woman um Anna”

“What do you know Theo? Tell me everything”

“Well yesterday I went to the staff room for some hot water for my cup of tea and I heard Anna conversing with the warden. She is very angry with your lack of progress and threatens to seriously punish you if it continues”

I wait a minute for what Theo is saying to sink in. So little tits Anna thinks she can come in here and flaunt around her degree and shit and punish me. I don’t fucking think so but I am curious.

“What kind of punishment?”

Theo swallows hard.

“They may put in solitary to think about your actions”

I huff

“What I tell her, does it have to be relevant?”

“Yes dear this woman, she is not kind”

“Well then does it have to be the truth?”
“That is your decision to make but choose wisely because if they find out you have lied” Theo shudders “I would hate to think what would happen to you”

Theo’s kindness towards me has always been a shock. I have never understood why she bothers, and why she is like this to nobody else.

“Theo why do you care?”

Theo takes a deep breath “Vera, when you first came to me for your check up on your first day here” she pauses and I wait. “It was not our first meeting”

Theo stops letting me think. I have meet Theo before this? Before being sentenced to life hell. I nod to let Theo continue. I need more information.

“When you were about two years old I lived in the cottage on your parents property, I had just moved to Crowthorne and the rent was cheap”

As I child I remember people coming and going out of the cottage all the time. My parents rented it out to make a little extra money.

“I remember the fights your parents used to have, one day you made your way to my door and I sat you on the counter and you ate while I cooked dinner. From then on you came out and saw me everyday. I lived in that cottage until you were three”

Theo used to live with me and I never knew it.

“See Vera I knew from about your age that I could not have children and you were the first one that took to me. When you came to me that day in the nurse’s station I knew I had to look out for you. Keep you safe even if it is crazy and safe.”

“Not dead and crazy” I finish for her and she smiles.


I lay in my bed after lunch going over the day. Wow what a day I learnt so many new things. Harry flashes into my mind and sadness takes over me. I really want to find out what his deal is. I know having him hate me will make it harder and I really feel bad for what I said. So on the agenda for tomorrow I will make up with Harry and then sift through his patient files. It will be hard getting hold of then now that Kelly is out of action for a while, hard but not impossible.

I go through my last conversation with Harry to see if I missed something important. Well before I told him I would beat his head into a wall. 

I do no longer believe in any god’

Maybe he stopped believing when he killed those women and figured he was going to hell anyway. Maybe he never believed because he is under a different religion. ‘I do no longer believe in any god or gods

Maybe not then, could he be a non-believer or possibly just maybe he has disowned god or whoever because he is innocent and is being punished for some reason. I shake the thought from my mind because it is silly and try to focus on the facts that lay hidden in his patient file.


A/N: Hey everyone ! I am so glad that this story actually has some reads. i have decided that when it reaches my first goal of 100 reads i will do a double update so yay. I love to hear what you think so if you like it let me know. I will stop now or I might ramble for like ever. Sorry if this bothered you. I hope you are doing well :) ilysm for reading xx

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