Help me lose my mind (Harry Styles)

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  • Published: 17 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 25 Feb 2014
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Vera Steele has called Broadmoor criminal lunatic asylum her home for the last year. Things in Vera's simple life change when Harry Styles a skinner of women gets admitted to her block."Talk to me and watch me crumble you will see me come undone faithfully I will look over there I’ll find what you’ve become"


28. Chapter 26.

My lawyer whose name I learned is Deborah is already in a room when Harry drops me off at the station. He promised to wait outside just as soon as he went to pick up something. He wouldn’t tell me what.

“Hello Vera” Deborah smiles

“Hey Deb”

“Oh yes they said you might do that” shakes her head. A smile appears on her lips.

“Yeah, so what up?”

“Ok I will try to be as quick as possible. Basically I wanted to discuss with you about what might happen after the trial.”

“Oh good I was worried because I have no idea what to expect”

“With the character references I have gathered from some staff at Broadmoor, some officers here at the station and the manager at the hotel you have been staying at. I may have enough to get your um your mental diagnosis revaluated. After admitting that you killed your father was purely because you thought he killed your mother, I may be able to plead depression rather than schizophrenia.”

That makes so much more sense. Maybe I am not some physco killer. I was just a bit fucked up. 

“Will I still be committed?”

“Possibly but there is also a chance you may not. But if you do it shouldn’t be for every long because you were already there for a year. We will see how it pans out. But trust me depression is much better than schizophrenia.”

“Hell yes” I agree. “Hey deb?”

“Yes love”

“Do you think I might get a prison sentence for killing Stephan?”

“No not at all. The confession you got almost secures it. This is all just a formality. And I would also like to say I am very sorry for the loss of your friend Theo” she smiles.

“Thanks Deb, and what about Harry?”

“What about him?”

“What do you think will happen with his part of the case? From him almost killing Philip.”

“Nothing dear, Philip has chosen not to press charges. He also wanted this” She hands over a letter. “Given to you”

I take it from Deb and tear it to shreds straight way.

“Well if that is how you feel about the letter I am unsure about how you will react to something else. There is someone that is dying to meet you Vera”

“Who?” my brows come together in confusion or anger I am not sure yet.

“Her name is Karen Chambers.”

“Wait, I know that name.” I pause to think where I had heard it before. The list of names.

Anna Knowles

Vera Steele

Karen Chambers

Jessica King

Ivory Taylor

Jane James

Grace Nesbitt

“She is one of his,” I state.

“She was one of Philip’s victims yes.” Deb nods.

I feel nauseous almost. The only other one I met was Anna and I only knew she was one right before she killed herself. I feel really nervous and scared and nervous and worried did I mention nervous?

“Is she here?”
“Harry has gone to pick her up”

Oh so Harry went behind my back to pick up a girl that I would what spill everything to and then what we would become best buds and call each other sis and shit. I don’t think so.

There is a knock at the door and I know she is here.

“So Vera what do you think?”

“Send her in” I cannot let my sudden anger impact on this girl who I don’t know. Shit I might cry out everything with her and become best buds who knows?

De opens the door and in walks in a tall beautiful girl, dark hair falling in waves behind her. She is wearing a beautiful blue dress. I smile at the girl until I realise that the pile of shit she is holding is a child. I can almost taste the toast Harry made for me this morning.

“Hi” she almost whispers.

I stand up and walk towards her. Karen’s eyes widen.

“Is it his?” I ask

Karen nods. A tear falls from my eyes.

“I am so sorry”

Karen manages to bring me in for a cuddle even with a small person in her hands.

“His name is George” She smiles.

“How could you go through with it?” I wasn’t judging I was almost admiring her strength and courage.

“Even though he is the product of… well you know. As soon as I saw him I knew I made the right decision. He is my light, my strength. I don’t think I would even bother getting out of bed if it weren’t for him.”

“You are amazing,” I blurt out and Karen flushes a light shade of pink. For an odd reason I feel like I need to take the blame because of what happened to her. He was my uncle after all.

Worry must have become evident on my face. Karen tilts up my chin. Why is everyone taller than me?

“What is on your mind?” she asks sweetly

“Karen your name Karen, there is no nickname”

Karen laughs and Harry joins her.

“Oh there you are” I narrow my eyes at him. He raises his hands in surrender.

“You husband is a lovely man” Karen smiles.

I burst into laughter and Karen looks every confused. “Oh sweet he is not my husband. We met in the nut house”

“Oh I am so sorry” The poor girl is deeply embarrassed.

“How long are you staying for?”

“Only the day, I head back to Oxford later this afternoon.”

“You can stay the night with us if you want, you already had such a long trip. Baby might need to rest” I look towards Harry and his smile is massive. Good so it was ok that I invited a stranger to stay.

“Thank you so much, but I don’t want to put you out”

“No seriously it is fine. Harry might cook us his world famous cookies if we ask nicely” I joke. Knowing full well Harry’s ‘homemade’ cookies were bought from the corner store. They were still good none the less. Karen nods in agreement. After words of goodbye and thanks to deb we were on out way back to our sort of home.

Harry takes Karen straight to the bedroom with her things before running out to the living room to meet me.

“I am so proud of you” he smiles. Before I can answer his lips attach themselves to mine. “I love you, “ he whispers.


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