Help me lose my mind (Harry Styles)

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  • Published: 17 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 25 Feb 2014
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Vera Steele has called Broadmoor criminal lunatic asylum her home for the last year. Things in Vera's simple life change when Harry Styles a skinner of women gets admitted to her block."Talk to me and watch me crumble you will see me come undone faithfully I will look over there I’ll find what you’ve become"


26. Chapter 25.

I am advised not to go to court today. Harry has already left.

Gone to court. I’ll be back later. For you I can be right.

The letter breaks my heart. What is right and what I want are completely different. I am so torn and the only person I can talk to is gone. The bottle of bourbon sits in the cupboard. I give in and take it and a glass and sit it on the coffee table. Before I was committed I used to drink a lot alone. I just need to get out of my head. Pouring a large glass of bourbon I start drinking, and writing. The perfect mix to get out what I need to say.


“Vera” Harry calls from the living room. The almost empty bottle of bourbon and my glass sits on the table sill. Harry drags his feet to the bedroom.


“Yes Harold” wow I am pissed.

“Were you bored or something?” he smirks. He is in a good mood.

“Not at all” I almost slur. “At all, a tall” I play with the words and giggle.

“Looks like you have a productive day” harry motions to the screwed up bits of paper that litter the floor.

“How was it?”

I ask referring to the court case.

“John, my lawyer is very confident that the outcome of my case will be positive” Harry smiles.

I yawn in the most unattractive way but I don’t care. The buzz of the alcohol is exactly what I needed.

“When was the last time you slept?” Harry raises and eyebrow

“With you” I giggle. I am being silly but I can’t help it.

“Vera that was two days ago, what about the time before that?”

“Um” I think. I shake my head trying to give it real thought. “It was in my cell” I state.

“You went almost five days without sleep?” Harry is worried. “And I come home and you are piss drunk”

“How can I sleep, when all I have is nightmares?”

“You slept with me,” he states. I giggle again at his words.

“That was different” I smile. Here he is trying to be serious and I cannot for the life of my wipe this stupid grin off my face. Harry looks confused.

“I feel safe with you silly” I flop back on the bed.

“Sorry I should not have said that” I shake my head.

“As hard it is to hear, knowing you are going to leave me. I am glad you are finally being honest and actually talking to me. Its just a shame I took three quarters of a bottle of bourbon.”

“Oh Harry, Harry, Harry. You do not want to know what goes on in this head” and I pat my head. Well at least I think I do because I can’t feel it either way.

“Who ever said love was easy, was a big fat liar” I huff.

“Agreed” Harry, says as he takes my hand.

“Harry” I start as I pull my hand away.

“Vera I have been thinking”

“Good, I hear thinking keeps your brain stimulated” I joke.

Harry laughs. “What have you been thinking my dear?” I ask

“I know you are stuck on having nothing to do with me when this is over”

“You got that right” I interrupt.

“But I was thinking for the time being. We are both out of any kind of institution and we are together so maybe we can just enjoy it” He seems quiet pleased with his plan. I hate to admit it but so am I. or maybe it’s the drink either way I will go along with it.

“So this is acceptable?” I ask. Slowly I level with Harry sitting up again. I lessen the distance between us as I bring him in for a kiss.

“Mmhmm that is acceptable yes” he bites his lip.

“And this?” I ask as I leave a trial of kisses from his jaw to his ear just as he did me back at Broadmoor.

He swallows hard. “Yep”

“And this?” I trail kisses from his ear to the base of his neck.

A small moan makes its way out of his lips and he blushes a little.

I sit facing him with my knees either side of his body so I straddle him.

“And what about this?” I ask as I slowly begin to move my hips back and forth. Wow this booze has really given me some serious confidence.

“Fuck yes Vera” Harry puts his hands on my hips keep my pace steady. He squeezes gently as I slide my hands into his hair and pull lightly. I feel harry quiver as his eyes roll back. “Fuck Vera” he moans as he lets go.

“Shit” he cusses as he fills his boxers.

“Was that allowed?” I ask as I bite my lip.

Harry laughs and pushes me to the bed so he has the upper hand. “Oh yes Vera that was most defiantly allowed” Harry murmurs seductively.

Some one bangs loudly on the door and Harry jumps.

“I’ll get it” I stand but end up falling on my ass.

“Looks like I will be getting it” Harry smirks.

“Hm maybe” I wink. What is up with me? I never wink. I blame the bourbon. Maybe I should drink more often. Although Harry already thinks I have a problem.

“Hi Harry how are you?” I know that voice I just can’t remember who it belongs to.

“Oh hi detective Lance” Harry exaggerates his name to make point.

“I was wondering if Vera was in” the detective continues.

I crawl out from the bedroom. “Here I am,” I cheer.

“Vera are you alright?” Lance asks.

“Never better sir” I nod. Folding my legs and sitting on the floor in the middle of the living room.

“Well I have some news”

“Good or bad?”

“Well both”

“Give us the bad first so at least when you leave we might not hate you” I smile.

“The bad news is someone tried to burn down your farm house”

Someone tried to destroy the farm?

“Wait a minute, you said your farm house, as in the farm is mine?”

“Yes Vera after your Aunts unfortunate passing, the farm was put back into your name”

“Its alright though, you said tried”

“The fire was stopped yes, only parts of the kitchen are damaged. We are still trying to find whoever did this”

“Alright I can deal with that. And what is the good news?”

“The jury is hopeful to have their verdicts decided against Harry and you. By tomorrow or the next day”

“Then what? Where will I go?”

“I am unsure Vera, it will depend on the outcome of the case. Your lawyer wants to meet with you some time in the morning. If you are up for it that is” He smiles.

I nod and flop to the floor.

“Will you be okay with her?” Lance asks Harry.

“Yes and thank you detective”

“It has been a pleasure”

“Well off to the cop shop tomorrow?” I sing.

“I’ll take you but we really should get you off to bed.”

Harry picks me up off the floor. He manages to balance me in one hand to pull back the covers.

“Can you take my shoes off please?” I whine. Harry chuckles as he removes my socks.

“Where are my shoes?” Harry points to my footwear in the corner on the room on the floor.

“Oh” I smiles.

“Goodnight Vera” Harry kisses me on the cheek. He turns to walk out.

“Where are you going?” I ask shyly.

“To sleep on the couch babe”

I shake my head.

“Sleep here” I pat the space behind me. I watch as Harry removes his shirt, pants and dirty boxers, which he quickly replaces.

“I seen ya butt Styles” I giggle as he brings me in closer under the covers. He rests his head against my back and I fall asleep in his arms.


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