Help me lose my mind (Harry Styles)

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  • Published: 17 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 25 Feb 2014
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Vera Steele has called Broadmoor criminal lunatic asylum her home for the last year. Things in Vera's simple life change when Harry Styles a skinner of women gets admitted to her block."Talk to me and watch me crumble you will see me come undone faithfully I will look over there I’ll find what you’ve become"


3. Chapter 2.

I smile as Steph opens the door for me.

“Morning Steph” I say cheerfully

“Good morning Vera” He nods sternly

I gasp, “He has a voice?” I question sarcastically. Stephan smiles slightly.

“And a smile, I am a lucky girl.”

“It is a good day,” he states

“Oh?” I question

“My Liam, he-he said yes” He beams

“Wow congratulations Steph that is great”

I often wonder what it would be like to find my other half, the one that is supposed to complete me. I wonder what it would be like to look down the isle with them looking back at me with adoration. But for right now they have no face.


“Hello Vera” Kelly says to me as I sit down across from her. Our session today is one on one.


Kelly Jane. Recently 30. Relationship status: single and very ready to mingle. Kelly had always wanted to help others I am unsure why she though becoming a shrink would be the best way but she seems to enjoy her job. Kelly’s ginger pixie cut may be some of the cause for her lack of admirers but if people looked past her exterior they would find a beautiful person with loads of love to give. I clearly think very fondly of Kelly even if she is the thing keeping me locked up here.


“Hey Kelly how are you?”

“Fine, and yourself?”

“Kelly do you believe there is a god?” Kelly is taken back by my question

“I do”

“So you believe being a faggot is a sin?”

“Homosexuality” she corrects me “Is a sin yes, but I do not believe it so, why do you ask?”

“Steph is engaged to his boyfriend, is it still illegal?”


“So why do it then?”

“I think you need to ask him. Do you think homosexuality is wrong?”

I think about Miss Jane’s question for a few minutes.

“See Kelly I was bought up strict catholic, my father always used to go on about how he would rather burn in hell than see boys marry other boys.”

“And you Vera, what do you think?” she presses

“I think the heart wants what the heart wants, as long as people are happy what’s the big deal? Hell it might even help with over population” I laugh and Kelly smiles

“I also think my father is burning in hell” I add

Kelly frowns thoughtfully

“Explain to me your reasoning”

I have never really talked a whole bunch about my father or why I did what I did. The only decent explanation Kelly has got is when I flip out and verbal abuse my dead father. But today I feel like Kelly deserves a bit of information, it is hardly going to make my case much worse.

“I know you think I am nuts Kelly, I know my mother did not simply pass away ok he did something. She told me, she came to me in my dreams. I wanted him dead for what he did”

Kelly frantically writes what I said and some. I think that may drive her a little bit nuts, no pun intended for me to leave it there but I will not talk about him anymore for today anyway.

“Would you like to leave it there?” Kelly asks and I nod.

“When was your last check up with the nurse?” She asks

“I don’t know Kelly not really keeping up with the days in this place” Kelly’s brow creases. She tells Stephan to take me there after my shower.




“Vera baby, what are you doing here?” Theo asks as I take a seat on a bed. She waves Stephan away.

“Check up time, Kelly sent me”

“Right then I just get my kit” Theo ruffles through a cupboard and pulls out a medical kit and files.

“So how was he?” I blurt out my mouth betraying my curiosity of the new guy.

“His health is almost in perfect condition, just a few bruises”

I look down at Theo as she reads through my medical history. She does not meet my stare.

“Did he spaz out?” I ask

“Oh, no dear he was very well mannered”

“Damn” I am glad Theo remains safe but I was hoping for a good bit of gossip.

“Are you aware that you are due for a flu injection?” Theo asks

Oh shit, I can feel the colour drain from my face. I hate needles and especially being attacked with them. I shake my head in answer.

“Sweet heart you need to have it, I will have Stephan come and restrain you” Theo explains apologetically.

After my arms and legs were strapped to the bed Stephan hold my head down.

“Right dear I will count down from three”

“No Theo don’t count please just do it” I whisper a tear escaping from my eye.

I feel the prick of the needle and the room starts to spin and I break a sweat.

“NO!” I scream and Theo jumps

“Fuck off you can’t do this, not again I hate you Philip,” I yell before the room darkens.


I wake up with a cold cloth on my head. Stephan is not in sight and Theo sits at her desk buried in piles of paperwork. Theo brows come together in a frown. I watch the way a curl manages to escape her bun. I giggle a little at how she gets frustrated with it, as it will not stay put behind her ear. Theo must have felt me staring because she looks up and her eyes meet mine.

“Oh Vera Hun, how are you feeling?” She asks scuttling over.

I open my mouth to try and speak but my mouth is dry.

“Here we are” Theo holds a straw to my mouth and I sip.

“We had to sedate you Vera, you were having some kind of fit” Theo explains.

After a few moments of silence Theo asks me a question that looks as though it had been bothering her for years.

“Vera darling, who is Philip?” At the mention of his name I stiffen. My heart begins to race and I cry.

“There, there loves calm down you don’t have to tell me. Its just you screamed his name you know, before”

I nod. I know exactly why he came up, and I know it is not really her asking it is Kelly. Kelly knows full well I would be more likely to talk to Theo than her.

Or maybe Theo really does want to know maybe she I worried about me and wants nothing more than to see me happy. It really doesn’t matter about her reasoning. She never asks anything of me, mostly because I have nothing to give. But I can give her this.

“Philip was my aunts husband” I hope that satisfied her because I will most defiantly not be telling her of his importance and how he came to be a factor in my imprisonment in this institution.

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