Help me lose my mind (Harry Styles)

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  • Published: 17 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 25 Feb 2014
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Vera Steele has called Broadmoor criminal lunatic asylum her home for the last year. Things in Vera's simple life change when Harry Styles a skinner of women gets admitted to her block."Talk to me and watch me crumble you will see me come undone faithfully I will look over there I’ll find what you’ve become"


17. Chapter 16.

I wait patiently until Harry falls asleep then I wait a little longer. Slowly I head back out into the hall and I break into a run.

“Vera love where are you off to?”

I turn in my tracks and standing there in her uniform is Theo.

“Theo?” I almost cry.

“Where are you going?” She asks again.

“I was just going to… I thought you were… I saw in the…” Jesus Christ I am so confused. Did I really see Theo? Was it a dream? Is this a dream?

“There is someone who is dying to see you dear,” Theo says as she walk back towards the lounge. I follower her through the doors. There sits Harry at our usual table. He has company I walk towards them. Harry doesn’t even acknowledge that I am there. I turn to look at this other person. It is my father. This is not a dream it is a nightmare.


My eyes fly open. Harry has forced my up against the wall. I am hot and sticky. I manage to escape from him, just. I head down the hall and to the entrance of the basement. There is not sign of Theo or anyone actually. I rush through the old dusty stuff until I make it to the room of terror. I waste no time in pushing the door. I just want to get Theo and go. I am stilled when the door opens. There tied up at the back wall is Harry’s guard Tom.

“Vera?” he murmurs

I snap out of my shock.

“Shit Tom what the fuck. Come on lets get you down” I rush towards him and push things around looking for a key.

“On the freezer” Tom forces out. His voice is horse.

I snatch the keys off the freezer and as gently as I can manage I get Tom down.

“We need to get you out ok, you need to leave this place and go to the police. You need to tell them who did this to you and that Harry is innocent ok. Tom are you with me?”

Tom nods. I look back as I take Tom out. I am so sorry Theo, ill be back for you.

I rush Tom to the nurses station luckily Katie is busy with another patient. I bandage Tom’s wrists and ankles. They were bloody and cut from the cuffs. I also get him some water.

“Tom who did this to you?”

“Anna, Anna she lured me into her office and gave me something, I think she spiked my drink. The next thing I know I am tied up in that place” Tom starts to cry.

“Hey Tom don’t cry” I rub his arm. “You have to stay strong ok. I will find this person all right. They will not get away with what they did” I assure him and the tears stop.

“I called you a cab. They are taking you straight to the police. You need to make sure Harry gets out of this. He doesn’t belong here.

“Thank you so much Vera, you saved my life”


I head back to my cell after Tom leaves. I need to tell Harry what has happened. When I get there Harry is not. Maybe he went back to his room. Something tells me bad things are about to happen but I push them away, I have to find Harry. I am out of breath by the time I reach his room. Wow I am really unfit. Where could he be? Oh shit what if he woke up while I was with Tom and went looking for me in that place. Again I break into a run down the halls of Broadmoor and again I break into a sweat. I am on the right hallway now; I can see where I am meant to be. Steph steps out of a door before I get there.

“Vera why are you out of your cell? And why are you running?”

Steph looks a little flushed himself. The same way I imagine I look right now. You know the exercise glow.

“Um…” I start. I have no excuse.

“Come on I will take you back to your room”

I follow Steph back and I hope to a god I no longer believe in that Harry is safe and alive. Steph takes me right into my room and makes sure I get into bed.

“Hey what is that?” Steph asks as is hand moves closer towards me. I look down and Theo’s scalpel is poking out from under my mattress.

“Its nothing” I rush to push it back. Steph struggles against me to get it.

“Give it here Vera” Steph growls between clenched teeth. Steph is strong much stronger than me and the Scalpel falls to the floor. The look on Steph’s face is one of recognition.

Oh shit.

He was here the whole time.

Right in front of me.

A friend.

“Its you” I whisper. His and my hands still tangled together.

I rush to grab the scalpel and I succeed. With all the strength I can muster I stab Steph in the abdomen and then in the eye. He falls to the ground crying out in pain. Before I know it I am on the run. I head towards the basement.

“Harry” I yell.

When I reach the door I have to force it open, something is blocking it. It won’t budge. For fuck sakes. Some of the shelves with the old shit on are on wheels. I get a decent run up and push the shelves into the door. It opens only a head.

“Harry” I scream into the room.

“Vera” he calls out. His voice is so quiet and distant but it is him.

I get another run up with the shelves and the door opens just enough for me to get through. The freezer lies behind the door.

“Harry” I call out again. The room is empty of him. I could swear I just heard him call out.

“Vera” he calls out.

I turn around and he is still not there.

“In the freezer Vera” Harry calls.

The freezer now has a giant lock on it. Where the fuck are the keys.

“I will get you out Harry, I just have to find the keys”

I start to throw things about. I look under and in everything in sight. I need to find this key.

“Looking for these?” I turn and Steph is standing at the door with little keys dangling in front of his face. Oh crap.

“Steph, how could you?” I ask

“Very easily actually” he smiles.

“But Theo” I almost cry.

“Yes” he bows his head. “That one was a little more difficult to do. But I knew I had to because it would hurt you Vera.” I swallow hard.

“You see Vera I too loved Theo. Anna thinks I am weak and I might be. Which is why Theo still remains intact. I cannot skin her. Not like the others” Steph confides.


Steph shakes his head. “Because Vera this way I would turn you crazy right before I did the same to you” He says calmly.

“I am your goal?” I almost whisper.

“And I can almost taste it Vera, here you stand before me. Just begging to be skinned”

“No Steph you don’t have to do this” I plead.

“Yes Vera yes I do”

“No Steph if you just let me and Harry go we will not tell a soul” I promise

“NO” Steph yells and I jump. “You killed him you idiot girl. You killed the only person I have ever loved” Steph yells.

“No I only ever killed my fath-“ I start

“Yes your father Vera don’t you see?”

I don’t answer.

“Did you ever know what your parents argued over? You father was gay.”

Holy shit.

“He did kill her. I am not crazy. He killed her so he could be with you” I realise.

“Wrong Vera. He did not kill your innocent mother. I did. Boy your father was so pissed off he almost sent himself to war just to be rid of me.”

Steph starts to take a few steps closer while he speaks and I slowly move back.

“What about Liam?” I ask

“What about him? I just needed someone I could fuck whenever I needed to”

“But I thought you were engaged” I am seriously confused.

“No you silly shit. It was a lie” he raises his voice again.

My hands are behind my back feeling for the biggest sharpest thing I can find.

“And Anna, what is her part?”

“You don’t recognise her?” Steph is in shock. I shake my head. “Vera, Anna was your uncles first little experiment. The girl before you and you should know there were a couple after you to. Anna was so pleased when Harry beat him to a comma she almost jumped him in their next session”

I am in so much shock right now but all I can think about is getting Harry out of that freezer. Finally I find that I am looking for. The rest of the utensils fall to the floor.

“You really are a silly little girl” Steph growls before he comes straight for me.


A/N: GUYS it Steph! wow not even i saw that coming tbh i just wrote whatever. And Anna like wtf. ok not i am kinda flipping over my own story. is that bad? anyway i deffs ship Harry and Vera #Hera. Ilysm for reading. Dont forget to like and comment!

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