Help me lose my mind (Harry Styles)

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  • Published: 17 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 25 Feb 2014
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Vera Steele has called Broadmoor criminal lunatic asylum her home for the last year. Things in Vera's simple life change when Harry Styles a skinner of women gets admitted to her block."Talk to me and watch me crumble you will see me come undone faithfully I will look over there I’ll find what you’ve become"


16. Chapter 15.

“Vera where is Stephan?” Harrys asks “Are you shitting me, you know who it is and you are asking me where the fuck Steph is?” Harry stands without a word and heads out of my cell. “Don’t worry, I think I already know” he spits. Harry pulls me along down the hall with him. “Is this it? Is this where you found the book?” Harry asks “Yeah the basement or something why do we-“ “I don’t think it was an accident that you found it” Harry stresses. “But Katie she tripped I saw her myself” “Yes Vera but what did she trip on?” I had to think back. Nothing was on the floor; I had just assumed she lost her balance. “Exactly what I though” Harry says. “Fuck the door is locked” Harry hisses. “Calm down pony boy” I pull a hairpin out of the mess I call hair and wrangle the door open. “When did you?” Harry asks I just shrug. “I got bored in like my first week and taught myself.” “Wait here while I check it out” Harry orders. So naturally I wait until he has turned the light on and I follow him down. The basement is full of old shit. Broken furniture, old beds. There are shelves of dusty old linen and jars with brown liquid. I kick a chair on accident and if looks could kill I tell you Harry looked really pissed. He reaches out his hand and continues down the basement. “Holy shit there’s more” I comment as we reach a door right in the back. Harry pushes the door open with his foot. It creeks as it slowly opens to reveal its contents. “Ugh what the fuck is that smell?” Harry asks. I push past him and walk into the room. “Vera what the fuck are you doing? Stay behind me” Harry orders. I keep walking. Inside is some kind of weird set up. On the far wall are chains and cuffs fitted to hold someone off the ground. There is a surgical table and a set of instruments. The only one I recognise is a scalpel the rest just look the same but a little glorified. There is a butchers knife set hanging from the left wall and on the right seems to be some kind of drying process taking place. Harry moves to examine what I can only assume to be skin hanging from the ceiling. This place is horrific. “Vera we have to go, we have to go get someone. The police” Harry rushes. I am to busy looking at the medical instruments to hear him. I should have known, sitting there amongst it all is Theo’s scalpel. I know it is hers because she got in engraved when she first got her nursing degree. ‘T.D’ I take it, whoever this sick fuck is cannot keep what is not his. I notice a large freezer under the shackles on the back wall. What would a killer need a freezer for? Slowly I walk towards it and even before I open it I know exactly what he uses it for. “What are you doing?” Harry growls. “You can’t touch anything, fingerprints,” he explains. I shimmy my hand back into my sleeve and use it to open the freezer. It only takes a second and that is all I need. In the freezer laying cold and dead is my one and only constant. Theo Donavan. My chest tightness and I stop breathing. Tears start falling freely but I can’t feel them. Harry is over to me in seconds. “Vera come on babe. We have to leave” “No” I plead, “We can’t just leave her here Harry I have to get her out” “I know I know but we cant not right now.” “I don’t want her skinned alright. I will not leave without her” Harry just picks me up and with all the force I have I start to hit and punch. Harry throws me over his back and I continue to hit him. “You asshole, do you even like me? Let me go” I yell. “Fuck you Harry you little shit. You are so not who I thought you were” Harry just takes my abuse and keeps walking. Once we reach my cell and I am out of names Harry sets me on my feet and stands guard by the door. “If you truly loved me you would let me go get her” I spit. ------- Harry’s POV She heard me. She heard and said nothing. I confessed my love for a crazy person and she said nothing. I have to fight so hard not to go back there and get Theo. Not just for her but Theo might have been the only person in this place that actually gave a shit about Vera. And the fact is Theo is dead already and Vera is not. That is the way it will stay. “You heard?” I whisper She just nods. She knows there is no getting passed my so she slumps on the end of her bed. “We can’t just leave her there Harry” “I know baby” I put my arm around her and she leans in. “I will kill him” she assures me “I know baby” I repeat. “You know who it is?” she asks “All I know is Anna is involved but she is to small she is not working alone” ------- Vera’s POV “Where is Steph?” Harry questions again. “He left early, he and his boyfriend are going on some holiday thing to get married” “Married?” “Well not legally of course” “So you have no guard?” “He will be here tomorrow” Harry grabs my hands. “You are allowed to cry,” he whispers. “Not yet.” Harry looks down at me, worry clear on his face. “Vera you just saw the person you love most in this world frozen in an ice box” I shake my head. “You are wrong. She is not the person I love most in this world” “You love Steph more?” Harry questions. “No loser I love you” it is not the most romantic of ways to tell him but its me so it was never going to be memorable. At least I didn’t swear. Harry takes my face in both his hands. He forces my mouth open with his tongue. I move mine to mirror his. Harry pulls away and presses his forehead against mine. His eyes lock me in that weird pull thing he does. “I never thought I would hear you say the words,” He whispers. “I love you,” I whisper and he smiles. “And I love you Vera”
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