Help me lose my mind (Harry Styles)

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  • Published: 17 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 25 Feb 2014
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Vera Steele has called Broadmoor criminal lunatic asylum her home for the last year. Things in Vera's simple life change when Harry Styles a skinner of women gets admitted to her block."Talk to me and watch me crumble you will see me come undone faithfully I will look over there I’ll find what you’ve become"


15. Chapter 14.

Last night with Harry was not as productive as I would have hoped but I loved it. I ignored his late night confession. It played over and over in my head; part of me needs to hear him say it again and again. But another parts really wishes he hadn’t said anything at all. Harry has been the focal point of my thoughts and dreams lately. When I see the killer he either has no face or a mask, Harry is always at my side. I cannot get the shadow person from my mother dream to leave. I feel like everywhere I am there they are. Not just in my dreams either but I feel like they are right here in the institution. ------- The shower room is empty today, probably because I am earlier than usual. My bare feet pad along the concrete floor. One of the showers is running but there is only Steph waiting outside. “Hello?” I call out. No body replies. “Are you ok in there?” There is still no reply. I stand by the shower curtain and I see a shadow so I know someone is in there. “I am going to open up the curtain now” I reach my hand forward and pull back the cover. ------- Harry’s POV Tom woke me up nice and early today. Last night I finally said it out loud. Even though Vera was asleep when I told her I still feel like it counts. I tried to stop myself just in case she was still awake but I realised I didn’t care; I want her to know how I feel. I want her to know that as long as I live she will never be alone. Someone screams and not the usual crazy cry. This was an actual scream and bolted. I ran straight past Tom and towards the scream. It can from the girls shower room and Steph had just run in. Vera. I burst through the door and she is sobbing on the ground with Stephan’s arm around her. “What happened?” I ask as I sit with her on the floor. I bring her closer. Her hand shakes uncontrollably as she points in the shower. Sitting in the bottom is another victim; completely stripped of skin with the shower water trickling down on her. I can’t let Vera just sit here with a dead body. I pick her up and back to her cell. Vera just sits on my knee with a vacant expression and speaking no words. She is like a zombie. I want so much to beat the shit out of the scum that is doing this but right now she is my main priority. ------ Vera’s POV I can think of noting else. My mind is consumed with thoughts of this body. All her muscle tissue and bones and shit on display for people to see. I wanted to find this sick monster and kill him myself. My mind runs to Theo and I am so glad that she is out of town now. Maybe Jesy getting ill is a kind of blessing although I do hope she gets better soon. Harry lets me sit on him, he rubs circles into my lower back and I feel sleepy. “You should go” I speak up. “Nope” Harry voice is stern. “But I am tired” I complain. Harry stands me up and pulls back my covers. “Get in” He orders and I oblige. “Now move over bed hog” he whispers and climbs in next to me. ------- Unknown POV I cannot keep this up much longer. I know that he is in there with her but not for long. I will wait for him so he can watch me skin his beautiful Vera. “What the fuck you left her in the shower?” Anna bellows at me. “It seemed like the best idea at the time” “Whatever, you are getting sloppy and you wanted her to be the one to find it” Anna shakes her head. “Have you found the diary yet?” she asks. I shake my head. “I have searched that box and the basement six times at least and nothing.” “Well at least we know that no literate person has is because we still roam free, but seriously if you don’t get your shit together we will not be free for long” Anna stresses. ---- Harry’s POV I try to feed her something. She looks as pale as anything and I feel helpless. “I just want to find out who did this and get it over with,” She almost cries. “Vera you know we cant just kill him right?” I ask “Duh Harry we need a confession” I love how even in the most dark of times her smart mouth still manages to make me smile. “So how do we do it?” I ask “Finally one thing you haven’t thought of” “You know Miss Steele sarcasm is the lowest form of wit” I inform her “You know Mr styles, I don’t give a shit” She puts her head in her hands. I tilt her face up. “What?” “We just made a rhyme,” she pouts. “Ha so we did” I smile. “Anyway I happen to know that Lisa has a few tape recorders in her office” She gloats. “What’s the plan?” I lean in towards her. ------- Vera’s POV After going into elaborate detail with Harry on how to get the recorder we decide tonight is the night. We need to end this and quick. At about eight p.m. Lisa will go out for dinner. I happen to know that she will be out for a very long time because the restaurant is about ten minutes out of town. Harry and I will go together so he can keep watch while I find what we need. After that we haven’t really decided. ------- “Ok babe are you ready to do this?” Harry asks for like the thousandth time since this was set in motion. “Yes damn it” Harry’s eyes fall to the floor. “I’m sorry for snapping. I just really want this to work you know for Kelly or whatever” Harry nods and hands me the keys he stole earlier today. There was no way in shit I wanted to know how he got these. Charm was most probably a factor. Lisa’s office is immaculate and smells of disinfectant. I wonder who got the cane today. I head straight for her desk and right where they should be the tape recorders. I take one and slide it into my pocket. I make sure to get an extra tape just in case. I was just about to head out when I noticed the files key left in the cabinet. I can’t resist, how often does this happen? It is the employee files. I head straight for Theo’s and the very first page has a giant red stamp on it. ‘Terminated’ Theo quit? She didn’t even say bye. A tear drops on her file and I keep reading. It contained just a few formal warnings nothing too serious. “Vera” Harry whispers loudly and I jump. Shit someone is coming. I shove Theo’s file back and close the draw. “Right done” I rush. Harry and I hide in a closet until the threat passes. “Did you get lost?” Harry asks “Yeah kind of” I lie “At least that is over, let’s go” Harry drags me down the halls and when we reach my cell I am out of breath but Harry seems fine. “Are you alright?” Harry asks “Yes. You are just hard to keep up with. I only have little legs you know” “Yes I know, everything about you is so small” Harry grabs my hand and kisses it. “I have something to show you,” I blurt. Oh shit. Why can’t I keep my mouth shut? Oh well I suppose now is better than never. I sit on my bed and pat it for Harry to join me. I pull Theo’s diary out from underneath. “What is this?” “Harry this is Theo’s diary, I have been reading at and some things just don’t add up. I want you to read like the last hundred or so pages.” “Where did you get this?” “I found it” “When?” Lying will get me know where so I will be truthful to him. “That day when Katie dropped that stuff and I was late” “You had it that long and didn’t tell me.” It’s not a question. And he is hurt. I have no explanation. Harry sits in silence reading the diary. Harry stiffens and I know he has figured something out. “I know who it is” Harry whispers. ----------------------------------------------------------- A/N: Ah guys shit is starting to get real. Who do you think the killer of woman is???
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