Help me lose my mind (Harry Styles)

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  • Published: 17 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 25 Feb 2014
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Vera Steele has called Broadmoor criminal lunatic asylum her home for the last year. Things in Vera's simple life change when Harry Styles a skinner of women gets admitted to her block."Talk to me and watch me crumble you will see me come undone faithfully I will look over there I’ll find what you’ve become"


12. Chapter 11.

I sit in silence with Harry. My mind seems to be running and I can’t keep up. I believe Harry with everything I’ve got. So Harry is innocent. He shouldn’t be here; he is not like the rest of us. I have to get him out before he gets hurt again. Then it hits me. The body was found in Harry’s room, a room always locked. I bring my head up to look in Harry’s eyes.

“It is a staff member”

Harry nods. He is always one step ahead. The staff are the only ones with keys to the cells and someone is always with Harry, how the fuck were they going to explain him being alone long enough to abduct and skin someone?

“You trust me so easily?” Harry asks

“You said yourself I already knew the answer”

Harry leans up on his arm, he hides the pain well. He uses his free hand to cup my face.

“I have wanted to tell you since we first met”

“Why didn’t you?” I whisper

“Would you have believed me?”

I shake my head.

Harry leans in and softly touches his lips to my head and I sigh.

“I will find a way to get you out Harry” I promise.

“What are you doing on the floor Vera?” Katie asks

“I um I fell off the bed” I lie terribly.

I lay still just staring at Harry. Every time I wince he goes to hold out his hand but knows he can’t. Whatever is going on between us has to remain just that, between us.

“Will I see you in the lounge tomorrow?” I ask softly

“They couldn’t keep me away” Harry smiles. Jesus Christ he is smooth.



I get to the lounge before Harry today. Shit I feel scared, nervous and like a detective all at once. Harry sits and I jump straight in.

“So do you have any suspects?” I try to keep my voiced hushed.

“No Vera and I don’t want to talk about that today”

“Why not? Are you actually turning crazy? You don’t belong here,” I stress.

“I belong where ever you are”

Shit did he really just say that? Maybe he is really crazy. I mean who falls for a girl that chopped up her father? My body chose for me though. Before I knew it I was nuzzled into him.

“What do you want to talk about” I mumble. Harry just shakes his head and rubs circles into my back. What did they do to him? He is so tired and vacant almost. He doesn’t seem bothered by the fact that there is an actual killer right here in this hospital.

“I need you to be extra safe alright, there is a killer on the loose” Harry murmurs.



Harry kissed my shoulder when we leave the lounge.  On the walk back to my cell I make Steph take me by the nurses station to see if Theo is back yet. She is nowhere in sight and I really want to run to her place where ever it is and find her. I miss her so much it is really starting to affect my mental stability. I giggle to myself because it is my lack of stability that dooms me here. Since my realisation that the killer has to be on staff I will trust no fucker. I would put money on it that Anna knows something or even Lisa that evil bitch. But it is probably because they hurt Harry and I just want to kill them.



The next day I make my way towards the lounge when nurse Katie stumbles passed with hands full. She trips probably on her own foot. Actually I am not sure she is all with it, a bit absent minded at least. Everything from her hands falls to the ground. Steph bends to help her and I head through a door.

“I saw a book or something go in here” I flick the light on and the only thing in here is a staircase heading down. Weird to have a room for stairs but whatever. I head down them and they creak under my weight. These stairs are just great for my confidence. I feel around for a light switch. There sitting at the bottom of the stairs is the book. I have a quick flick through because I am nosey like that. After reading a few pages it looks like a diary. I flip to the front and a name is scrawled on the page. Theodora Donavan. This is Theo’s diary. I feel the strangest urge to keep it hidden so I conceal it in my jumpsuit.

“Nope nothing down there” I lie as I make my way up and Katie is already scuttling down the hall. I wonder why she was caring Theo’s diary, strange lady that one.



“Hey there stranger” Harry smiles

“Sorry, Katie dropped some shit so we helped her pick it up”


“Yeah Steph and me” I explain.

I move in closer to Harry and he welcomes me warmly.

“So what are you doing today?” Harry asks

“Um I don’t know maybe try to figure out who is killing people”

Why does this not seem so high on his to do list?

“Can’t we just talk?”

“About what” I huff.

“You” He says like it should be obvious

When I don’t answer he carries on the conversation. 

“Why did you kill him Vera?”

I am shocked at his question.

“I vetoed that remember”

“Things have changed since”

I just shake my head. I really do care for him but I am so not ready to open up all my crazy on this newly innocent.

“Why did you move out of home at sixteen Harry?” I blurt out.

Harry looks down at me questioningly. “I read your file” I shrug

“There is not much to tell. I just wasn’t every happy where I was”

He is hiding something.

“Why did you get in so many fights then?” I press.

“I don’t know a teenage boy thing I suppose”

This doesn’t sit right with me at all.

“So you are trying to tell me you got arrested a bunch of times for what, pissing contests?”

Harry nods and I drop the subject.

I feel like I should tell Harry about Theo’s diary like morally and whatnot. But my mind is telling me to keep it to myself. And it is not like there is anything to tell right now anyway.

“What are you thinking about right now?” Harry asks as he rubs circles into my hand”

“You” I say truthfully. Because I usually always am but there is no way he is gonna know that. Harry is pleased with my answer.

“I think about you a lot,” Harry whispers.

“Oh yeah” I smirk. I wonder if Harry gets himself off and thinks of me. I wonder if I appear in his dreams and they are the happy ones. I wonder if he thinks of me before he sleeps and when he wake up like I think about him.

“Who is the dirty shit now?” Harry throws my words back at me.

Is this kid a mind reader? Christ.

“I have an appointment with Anna” I mumble.

“You shouldn’t go then,” Harry says tightening his grip.

“You are the worst kind of help” I kiss him on the cheek and he blushes.

“Bye beautiful” he calls out when I reach the door. I wave at him not caring anymore about if people know we are together. Well at least I think we are together.

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