May The Odds Be In Your Favor

Marcel. Cute, intelligent, neat and kind.

Harry. Hot,cheeky,flirtatious and stylish.

Edward. Sexy,bad boy, mischievous and playful.

Which one will you choose? Can't decide? That's exactly how I feel.


10. The Starwberries

Katherine's POV

I waited outside as Marcel asked me to go out with him for the day, it was extremely early and was very curious as to why he was picking me up at 7 on a sunday. I was wearing some light wash high waisted jeans and a cream sweater so i'd be comfortable for the day. He rolled up in his mums car and i smiled as i ran towards it slipping into the passenger seat.

"Hey." we both said at the same time and i laughed lightly as he started to drive. "So if I may ask where are we going?"

"Do you like strawberries?" He asked.

"What?" I questioned and he looked at me waiting for an answer. "Well yeah, i love strawberries"

"Okay good, cause we are going strawberry picking on the farm." He smiled as he continued to drive out of the town. My eyes lit up at what he said, I had never been but I had always wanted to go. "It's the farmers markets today so I thought maybe getting some fresh fruit wouldn't hurt." I smiled at him as we kept driving, it was just under an hours drive until we got there.

"It's so beautiful." I said looking at the farm. But I was too busy starting to notice that he had already started walking.

"Well come on then." He grinned tucking his hands into his coat. I ran after him and grabbed onto his arm as it was slightly more chilly out at the farm. We got a basket from the farms stand and they let us go picking. "Get the big ones."

"These look delicious." I tell him as i start placing some in the basket. I was astounded by the rich red strawberries and couldn't wait to taste them.

"You're clearly enjoying yourself." He laughs as i picked strawberries with my one hand and my other still around his arm that wasn't holding the basket.

"Thank you so much for bringing here i love it." I told him as i looked around at all of the growth. He smiled and we continued to pick berries and until we thought we had enough we started walking back. We got them weighed and packed into a degradable box, I thanked the lady after we paid and went to walk to the actual farmers market that was out in the parking lot. "Those look good." I tell Marcel and he sees my hint and gets a caramel apple for myself.

I started to bite into his but i nearly dropped it. "You're a doofus." He laughs keeping it from falling as he has the box of strawberries.

"Bite?" I ask as i swallowed my piece holding the caramel apple up to him. He nodded and took a small smile chomping joyfully on the crisp apple. I smiled as the way he looked so care free. The morning sun made him look so much more handsome than usual.

"Let's go back to the car yeah? We can take a drive." I nodded and followed after him as I took another bite of my apple. We sat in the car and he put the strawberries on the back seat. It didn't take long for the caramel apple to be finished between the two of us. "We're here." He says as the car stopped in front of a fence.

"Where is here?"

"I'll show you." He jumped out of the car and of course I followed. He hopped over the fence but I felt slightly uneasy as there was a sign that stated it was private land.

"Are we allowed to do this?" I ask before jumping the fence with help from Marcel.

"Not really but my dad owns the property." He laughed grabbing my hand. We made our way through the long grass towards a bunch of trees in front of us. It was a beautiful place, there was a mall creek flowing through and it was surrounded by trees. " Come on let's sit." Marcel suggested as he sat down against a tree.

"I don't want to get my jeans dirty." I told him honestly as I kicked at the dirt. Next thing I know he tugged me onto his lap sideways so that I could still face him. I blushed slightly but smiled when I looked down at the small creek.

"There now your jeans will stay clean."

"Thank you." I smiled over to him and I could feel his hand resting on my waist. It was weird having that moment with Marcel but it felt nice. He was a great guy and he was extremely attractive so I don't know why I didn't go for him first.

"Hey Kat?"

"Mm yeah?" I asked suddenly lost in his voice.

"Can I kiss you?" I didn't realise I had been waiting for him to say that until he did. My lips curled into a smile and i nodded lightly. He returned the same giddy smile to me as he leaned towards my lips. Our eyes fluttered closed and the kiss happened in a smooth soft motion. It was perfect. When we pulled away we looked at each other for a mere moment before connecting our lips again. It was like we were in paradise, the early morning sun shone through the trees and the sound of the creek softly flowing. Every little detail was perfect about that moment. "Kat I really like you." Marcel confessed.

"I like you too Marcel." He smiled at my words and pulled both of his arms around me.

"I know we've only known each other for like a month but I know my brothers are trying to win you over as well and I'd just really like to be the one who gets the girl this time." He confessed and i couldn't help but stare at him in awe. "So what do ya say? Be mine before they get the chance to ask?"

"Oh Marcel I don't know." I said fiddling with my fingers, i truly did like Marcel but there was something about Edward that drew me towards him.

"Come on Kat we both clearly want this." His hand found its way to my chin lifting my head up so that i could look him in the eye. I couldn't help but know that he was right, I did want him. I leaned forward and planted a kiss on his lips to secure my answer.

"I definitely want this."

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