May The Odds Be In Your Favor

Marcel. Cute, intelligent, neat and kind.

Harry. Hot,cheeky,flirtatious and stylish.

Edward. Sexy,bad boy, mischievous and playful.

Which one will you choose? Can't decide? That's exactly how I feel.


6. The Risk

Edward's POV

This girl was different. She wasn't like anyone else. I might have just met her but I can tell she's different. She's not like the others. Her legs were on either side of me and there was a smile playing on her lips. I took another drag on the cigarette and leaned closer to her and blew it into her mouth. I smiled at her as she took the cigarette. "Why do you hang out with my brother?" I asked her.

"Really? You really want to get into that again?" She asked raising her eyebrows as she put out the cigarette.

"Well he's a nerd and you're .... you're sexy." I admitted placing my hands on her waist.


"And my brother does not get girls ANY girls and you just randomly walk in and your all over him! Why? That's all I want to know why." I asked her desperately wanting an answer. She stood up from my lap and sat next to me.

"Maybe it's because I took the time to get to know him and I didn't just immediately judge him by his looks." She snapped sounding fairly annoyed.

"Ok! Look in sorry if I made you angry but I was just asking!" I told her innocently.

"Well I'm just saying." She told me and she walked of. Man. We have known each other for a few days and we've already developed a love hate relationship. This was so not what I expected at all.

Harry's POV

I saw Kat walking she looked a little pissed so I decided I'd cheer her up. "Kat!" I called out and motioned her over.

"Hey Kat I see you been hanging out with the other two styles brothers aye!" Rosie winked at her as she approached.

"Yeah there ain't nothing going on there." She declared laughing a little as she sat next to Rosie. I looked at Kat. Her legs were long toned and her butt was so perky and round she was drop dead gorgeous. Plus she wasn't a bitch. Unlike every other girl at this school.

"Well then....... I think Harry's glad to hear that." Louis coughed to cover up his sentence. I immediately whacked him in the back of the head and smirked. I saw her blush a little but and I couldn't help but smile.

"Anyway what have you got next?" Rosie avoided the situation quite quickly.

"P.E with Mr.Sopper I think it was." She said trying to remember. Well that's perfect. She's in my class and my best class to.

"Well me and Niall have that next too." I said winking at her making sure no one noticed. Though I'm pretty sure Rosie noticed.

Soon the bell rung and we all headed off to our next class. I went into the change rooms with the rest of the boys and got changed as usual. The sports uniforms weren't too bad since they were just black shorts and light blue shirt with the schools logo on it. There were track suits for winter but no one ever wore them since we were inside most if the time anyway.

I walked out of the change rooms and obviously the first thing Niall did was grab the football and kick it to me. I dribbled it and kicked it into the goal that was set up in the basketball court. "Show off." I heard someone say behind me and I turned and found Kat standing there with her arms crossed over her chest as she looked at me. I smirked and picked her up and swung her over my shoulder. "Put me down." She demanded half laughing and I just smirked at Niall when he looked over at me.

"Styles don't waste my time come sit down with the rest of the class. You too Malik!" The teacher demanded and we both rushed over and I still had Kat over my shoulder. "Put the girl down." I just chuckled and gently set her down and sat down on the benches. "So this term we will be starting with the most popular sport in England. Football." He announced and everyone cheered. "Now we need team captains any volunteers?" I rose my hand as I always would and so did a few others. "Okay let's go with Styles and the new girl! What's your name?"

"Kat. Kat Valentine." She smiled as we both got up.

"Okay Styles Valentine pick your teams!"

"Ladies first." I told her and she just smirked.

"Niall." Was her first pick. We kept going until we had our teams and there was no one left. She made a good choice choosing Niall because he was a great football player and he helped her Pick good people for their team.

"Okay your call valentine." Sir told her as he threw the coin in the air.

"Tails." She called. "And we'll stay as we are."

She walked back into her position and I had the ball. I kicked it to one of my players and the game started. Football was one of my favourite sports I always played it with the lads and Edward. It is one of the things that I actually enjoy doing at school. And plus there is one find girl playing one of my favourite sports right now so I'm pretty damn happy.

"Oi! You might want to stop staring and start playing." Connor told me patting my back. I just shook my head and started running after the ball.


"Okay now it's time for some exercises. Everyone grab a partner and starting dribbling." Mr. Sopper ordered. I quickly made a B-line for Kat but unfortunately Rosie got in my way.

"Hey Haz football buddie?" She asked batting her eye lashes. I looked up and I saw Kat and Niall grab a football.

"Sure." I sighed looking at her. I grabbed a ball and kicked it over to Rosie. Truth be told she had a crush on me and not a small one. She is a really nice girl and all but to be honest she just isn't my type and I don't have the heart to tell her that.

She kicked the ball back and I dribbled it for a little bit. I looked up and I saw her gorgeous blonde hair fall down her back as she took her pony tail out. Holy. Shit. Next thing I know I was tripped over the ball and I was on the floor. "Concentrate Styles!" Sir yelled and I got back on my feet as a few of the guys laughed. I glared at them and they immediately shut up.

"C'mon Harry concentrate your great at football." Rosie smiled touching my arm. Well that's awkward. I just continued the exercise trying not to stare at Kat. Which was almost impossible for me since Niall kept making her laugh. Her laugh was music to my ears I just couldn't explain it.

Kat's POV

I quickly changed out of my sport clothes and I started walking out of the gym as it was the end of the day. "Kat! Wait up!" I turned around and found Harry running up to me.

"Hey Harry." I smiled as we walked together.

"What are you doing Friday night?" He asked as we made our way to the car park. Not going to lie Harry was hot. Despite the fact that his brothers look exactly like him they are nothing alike.

"Mmmmm I don't know... Why?" I asked trying to play it cool.

"Well how about me, you, my house and a movie?" He asked stepping closer to me as I leaned against my car.

"That depends." I smirked at him knowing he wanted me to say yes.


"Well it gets a little intense when you Edward and Marcel are in the same room....." I trailed off wondering if they were going to be there.

"Don't worry they will be out of the house." He assured me with a smile.

"Fine it's a date."

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