May The Odds Be In Your Favor

Marcel. Cute, intelligent, neat and kind.

Harry. Hot,cheeky,flirtatious and stylish.

Edward. Sexy,bad boy, mischievous and playful.

Which one will you choose? Can't decide? That's exactly how I feel.


2. The Loser

Marcel's POV

"Your triplets?" The pretty new girl asked as she stood there in shock. I gave her a nod and a light smile. "I'm guessing your the nerdy triplet?" She giggled as she sat on my bed. I think she has consumed too much alcohol for someone her age. I just sadly nodded. "Do you say anything?" She giggled once more.

"Y-yeah." I stuttered trying not to make a completely fool out of myself but I failed.

"Well then talk I've learnt stuff about Harry and Edward now it's time to learn some stuff about you." She grinned and pulled me onto the bed with her. I adjusted my glasses and crossed my legs on the bed.

"What w-would you l-like to know?" I asked shyly. I was never good with girls. Just talking to them made me nervous. Especially pretty girls. I was always jealous of Harry and Edward. They could just reel girls in with their good looks and charm. Even though we look the same somehow I just wasn't good looking. It just makes no sense to me. I mean I can figure out Darth Vader is Luke's father but I can't figure out how to get a girl.

"Well obviously your not the party type since your in here and not out there so what is it that you like to do?" She asked looking around my room.

"W-well...... Um I like to m-make small r- replicas of Leonardo D-da Vinci's inventions." I told her looking over at my desk which had a couple of them on it. Inventors always have inspired me. How their minds worked fascinated me. Their inventions were unique and some were really crazy but they made history. They made something that everyone would remember.

"That's right! I knew I've seen those before somewhere!" She smiled as she seemed like she had discovered something. I just chuckled at her. "Sorry but I didn't catch your name?" She said as she moved closer and joined me in leaning my back against the wall.

"Marcel." I smiled at her. I was getting more comfortable talking to her. She wasn't like the other mean girls.

"Damn your voice sounds like Harry's when your not nervous." She laughed tugging at her leather sleeves.

"Does it?" I asked a bit surprised since no one has ever told me that. She just nodded which caused her bun to flip around. The door swung open and there was a couple making out about to come in. "Aye the room's taken." I laughed at the pair and I realized it was one of Harry's friends. Zayn. My sudden burst of confidence must have surprised him.

"Oh my god Marcel got a girl." He said shocked as he walked out of the room.

"What was that about?" She asked in confusion.

"I'm not very popular with the girls at school." I said looking into my hands.

"Seriously Harry gets so much attention and you look just like him." She stated rubbing my knee comfortingly. "My name is Kat by the way." She smiled up at me.

"It's nice to meet you." I said softly for some unknown reason.

"May I?" She asked reaching towards my hair that was combed back. I just nodded and she ran her fingers through my hair letting the hair deprecate and curl a bit. I never wore my curls. It just wasn't my thing. "That looks better." She smiled pulling lightly at the strands of hair. I heard foot steps coming towards the bedroom door and then they stopped.

"Is there really a girl in there?" A husky male voice asked.

"Yes I saw her!" Another male voice said.

"A girl in Marcel's room oh please." I heard another person. They kept going on and betting if there was a girl in here or not. Kat smirked and got up. She walked towards the door. She was probably gonna leave because she felt embarrassed. She yanked the door open and there was a group of people outside of the door. They all stopped in their tracks and looked at her and me.

"We can hear you y'know." She sassed and closed the door. She left them all shocked and confused. I just laughed and she climbed back on to the bed next to me. I let out a small yawn and pulled my phone out of my pocket. It was nearly twelve and we had school tomorrow. "Shit!" She cursed when she saw the time.

"What?" I asked as she got up.

"I need to go my dad expects me home at twelve." She told me and I just nodded. "Cya tomorrow Marce." She kissed me on the cheek and ran out the door. I sat there absolutely baffled. She called me Marce and she kissed me on the cheek. No girl has ever done anything like that. Ever. Or anything close to that. I just blinked thinking that it was a dream but it wasn't. I laid down on my bed and I just thought of that moment until I fell asleep.


A loud beeping noise filled the room and I looked at my alarm clock. I groaned and sat up letting my feet hit the floor. I rubbed my eyes and took my glasses and placed them over my eyes. I went into my bathroom and I combed my hair back as usual. I wore a white long sleeve button shirt with a navy blue sweater over the top. I accompanied that with a loose pair of jeans. Once I packed my bag I slung it over my shoulder and I walked down stairs. When I walked I to the kitchen Edward was sitting on the counter munching on a bowl of frosties. He looked at me and put his bowl down.

"So I here that you, my friend, had a girl in your room last night." He said as he cocked one eyebrow. I gulped and just slowly nodded as I approached the fridge. "Who was it?" He asked with a small smirk as he hopped off the counter.

"The new girl Kat." I told him opening the fridge and getting the milk out.

"Does she have blonde hair and blue eyes?" He asked with a chuckle. I just nodded a bit scared if him since he sounds very creepy. "Your lucky I don't have to compete with you to get her otherwise I would have to kick your ass right now." He growled. I nodded understanding what he meant. He could win her over so easily. I didn't stand a chance against him. I was a loser. Always have been, always will be. No point in denying it.

I sighed and I made myself a bowl of cereal. Soon Harry joined me and Edward down stairs.

"Sup my brothers." He laughed as he walked into the kitchen and took a seat on a bar stool. I just looked at him and finished my cereal. "What's got you so grumpy?" Harry asked furrowing his eyebrows.

"Nothing." I mumbled as I placed my bowl in the sink.

"I just told him to stay away from Kat." Edward explained with smug look on his phone. I just rolled my eyes at him.

"Y'know just because a girl is finally paying attention to me doesn't mean you have be a dick about it." I snapped glaring at him. Both of their eyes widened at my outburst.

"Woah looks like the nerd finally got some confidence." Ed chuckled looking at Harry.

"C'mon Eddy play nice." Harry tried reasoning with him but obviously he wouldn't have it. Edward was the one who always threatened me and teased. He even beats me up from time to time. Not badly though. Which I'm thankful for I've seen him fight at school and I do not want to fight him.

"No he's got some confidence now so why don't use it." He smirked walking closer. Until he was right in front of me. My breath started getting shaky and I was pressed up against the counter. He evilly smirked at me and when he was going to say something his phone buzzed. "Looks like I will just have to save that for later." He said picking up the phone and pressing it his ear. He started talking to some one on his phone but I didn't pay attention my heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to jump out of my chest. Harry just shook his head and looked at me.

"C'mon let's go to school." Harry said and Edward looked at him. Harry always drove me to school since I don't have my license yet and Edward takes his motorbike. The three of us walked out of the house and I locked the door. I jumped into the passengers seat of Harry's car and watched as Ed pulled on his leather jacket and strapped the jet black helmet to his head. He started his motor bike and I was sure you could hear the roar of the engine down the whole street. He sped off the drive and to school.

"He's just a show off." Harry chuckled starting the car and driving us both to school. I just sighed and started thinking about Kat.

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