May The Odds Be In Your Favor

Marcel. Cute, intelligent, neat and kind.

Harry. Hot,cheeky,flirtatious and stylish.

Edward. Sexy,bad boy, mischievous and playful.

Which one will you choose? Can't decide? That's exactly how I feel.


5. The Exception

Kat's POV

I walked into class thankful the teacher was behind me and not I front. Just in time. There were two seats left. One right at the front and one at the back next to Edward. I quickly made a choice and sat next to Edward.

"Ok class today we are continuing with the theory of music. Mr.Styles since you weren't here I highly recommend getting Ms.Valentine to help you out with the notes." Mrs.Tucker instructed. I didn't turn though I just kept sitting in the same position.

"Can I have the notes please?" Edward asked me as politely as possible whilst the teacher gave instructions to the rest of the class.

"Sure." I replied pressing my lips into a thin line and just hand him my book not making eye contact what so ever. He took my book and I could feel his eyes on me the whole time. I just looked at the board as Ms.Tucker went on with explaining the lesson. It had already been five minutes and Edward was still scribbling down notes in my book when the door flung open. Edward's friend Zayn walked into the class and the teacher just glared at him.

"Late again Malik." She stated clearly annoyed.

"At least I showed up." He chuckled and he turned and looked at me. Then he looked at Edward. He walked down the row and glared at the boy who was sitting in front of him. He quickly ran away from the desk to the front one and Zayn sat down. What the hell? I did not want to get mixed up in their crowd.

The teacher kept teaching but I couldn't really pay attention to her.

"Pssst." I heard Ed whisper next to me. I looked at him and he just handed me my book. I took it and placed it in front of me.

"Oi." I heard someone whisper. I saw Zayn and Edward whispering then Zayn pulled out a sling shot a he crunched up a piece of paper. I just sat back and watched as Zayn aimed at the back of the teachers head and he let it go. It flew through the air and pegged the teacher on the back of the head. The bit their lips to keep themselves from laughing and hid the sling shot.

"Alright Edward you have lunch detention with me." The teacher stated turning around looking annoyed.

"But that wasn't even me!" He protested. She just rolled her eyes at him and turned back to the board.

"He's telling the truth you know?" I spoke up and the teacher turned around and looked at me through her glasses.

"Oh. If you think sticking up for the 'cool' kids is going to get you popular. Well it's not." She told me flatly. Wow this teacher had some real nerve.

"No. That wasn't my intention I told you that because that is the truth and because we have lunch detention anyway." I assured her sassily. She looked at me then looked at Edward.

"Fine. You win but next time who ever did that will be facing consequences." She warned the class.

The rest of the lesson was quite boring and we didn't do much. After music I had history which Marcel was in as well as Harry's friend Niall who I sat next to. I realised that he was actually extremely funny and I couldn't stop laughing nearly the whole class. We were playing truth or dare as well and I dared him to get up and start irish dancing which he did so he also got detention with Mr.Pervert since he was our History teacher.

Me and Niall just stayed in our seats and the class emptied out. Marcel moved into the desk next to ours and I smiled. After a couple of minutes a few other students walked in as well as Harry and Ed. "Now there will be no talking no interacting of any kind during this tine you will sit until I tell you you can leave!" The teacher instructed. I just rolled my eyes at how ridiculous this teachers was being. I sat there for ten minutes with the rest of the group then he let us go. "Hold it right there Ms.Valentine." He ordered and I stopped as everyone else went out. "I had to speak to you twice today which you get an extra ten."

I huffed and sat in a seat again. Edward walked through the door and sat right next to me. "What are you doing?" Mr.Kingsworth asked clearly annoyed.

"You really think I'd leave the new girl alone in here with you? Think again pal." He spat. I was actually quite glad Edward stayed this teacher was a creep and I've heard nasty things about him. The teacher glared at him and sat back in his chair.

Edward looked over at me and I mouthed 'thank you' to him. He just gave me a little nod signalling that it wasn't a problem. The classroom was filled with science and the silver clock hung against the wall and you could just hear it ticking. I lightly started tapping my foot because I was annoyed and I wanted to get out of hear. Mr.Pervert was sitting at his desk marking work and not even paying attention to me and Edward.

I felt Edwards large hand on my thigh and I just looked up at him. His hand opened revealing his iPhone 5 and it was on notes. 'Give me your number ;) x' was written which made me chuckle and I went onto contacts. I typed in my number and set my name as 'detention buddy x'. I quickly handed his phone back to him hoping that Mr.Pervert wouldn't see it as phones are not allowed at school. A few seconds after my butt vibrated and I pulled my phone out.

From Unknown number -

Hey sexy ;)

To unknown number -

Styles ?

From unknown number -

How'd you guess ? ;)

(E - Edward K- Kat)

K - well I did just give you my number ;)

E - true true ;)

K - I hate this teacher :P

E - doesn't everyone ? ;)

K - aha yeah :)

I kept looking up so it wasn't obvious that I was on my phone but obviously this teacher didn't really give a crap either.

"Ok you two may now leave don't let me see you in here again." He warned. Both of us got up out of our seats and left the classroom without saying a word to him.

"He's an asshole." Ed laughed as we started walking down the hall.

"Yeah he is." I agreed walking right next to him. Everyone was already having their lunch and chilling so I thought I might as well hang out with him for the remaining ten minutes of lunch. "Shall we go sit somewhere?" I suggested and he smiled at me.

"Sure but let's go sit outside I need to catch a quick smoke." He told me and I followed him outside and to the back of the school where he could smoke without being caught. "C'mon I always sit here when I feel like being alone." He told me as he sat with his back against the wall facing the oval that was out of bounds.

"You don't seem like the type who likes to be alone." I told him honestly sitting down beside him.

"So I've been told." He breathed pulling out a packet of smokes. He pulled out a cigarette and placed it between his plump lips and he lighted the end. He took a deep breath in and he blew out the smoke. I noticed that he was smirking at me so I just looked away. "You attracted to me." He stated taking another puff of his smoke. Well someone is cocky.

"What makes you think that?" I asked a bit offended. He avoided my question though.

"Here." He smirked handing me the cigarette. "Go ahead." I shrugged and put it between my lips. I breathed in and took it away. He was still staring at me so I blew out the smoke right at him. His lips parted slightly urging for more poison. I smirked and handed it back to him. I wasn't really one who cared much about what I did with my body at the moment. I'm young might as well experiment. "Come 'ere." He demanded patting his lap I just rolled my eyes and sat on his lap with my legs either side of him. Sure I was getting pretty close with a guy I just met but he seems nice so why not?

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