May The Odds Be In Your Favor

Marcel. Cute, intelligent, neat and kind.

Harry. Hot,cheeky,flirtatious and stylish.

Edward. Sexy,bad boy, mischievous and playful.

Which one will you choose? Can't decide? That's exactly how I feel.


9. The Carousel

"Edwards where are we going?" I whined as he drove on a road amongst other cars with me having no clue where we are going. I dressed in a basic white outfit which consisted of nude coloured leggings and a nude oversized top that matched and a pair of fenty slip ons. I had no idea where we were going but apparently I had to wear something comfortable.

About ten minutes later of him refusing to tell me our destination we ended up at the Showgrounds where a fair was taking place. "We are here are you happy now?" Ed laughed as I observed the stunning scene before me.

"Yeah shut up and buy my some popcorn." I teased as we strolled into the fair. There were kids and young adults everywhere enjoying the sugar rush that came from the stalls. "Ooh how about we try the ball game."

"Those things are so rigged." He demanded giving the stall a glare.

"Don't think you can win then?" I challenged knowing he would have to give in. He growled and paid the stall owner to get six balls.

"Knock down three towers of bottles and you win the giant teddy bear, knock down two you win a small unicorn and knock down one you get kids toy from that shelf." The largest price to be one was a huge teddy bear probably bigger than I was.

"You can do it." I encouraged him but unfortunately he only knocked down two.

"Six more." He growled at the man and I couldn't help but laugh at how competitive he was. After his third turn his throws were so violent all three were knocked down and I held the large teddy bear between my send. "See I knew I could do it."

"Okay tough guy lets go on some rides." We proceeded to ride a few fun rides like the bumper cars and the super nova, after that we headed to buy some popcorn and cotton candy. All in all I was having a great time with Edward he was being super sweet and he seemed so genuine. "Come on we have to go on the carousel before we leave."

"Fine but this is the last one that caramel popcorn is making me feel slightly sick to my stomach." I laughed at him as we purchased the tickets and climbed aboard a horse. I loved carousels because it was the one thing that I used to do with both my parents whilst I was little that I still remembered. I smiled at Edward as the familiar chimes started to play as the horses went round and round and up and down.

"Thanks for bringing me here today Edward." I blush as I we get to his car.

"Thankyou for coming with me." He shoved the teddy bear into the car and we both stood outside the car with the sky shimmering and moonlight bouncing off of his face. He leaned down and gently kissed me on my lips as I was leant up against his car. It wasn't like how Harry kissed me, it was hungry it was soft and sweet. I definitely expected the opposite from them. I pulled away and we got back into the car as he drove me home, I couldn't stop smiling and the kiss had me strung up. I was starting to prefer Ed over Harry so my choice seemed pretty clear.

"Goodnight Edward I'll see you at school."


I waked back inside and laid on the couch as I switched on the TV. I liked Edward, I liked him more than Harry so he was the obvious choice, but for some reason I didn't want to choose him. I was stuck between two brothers and I had no clue what to do. I had to ask Marcel for help, he might have been their brother but he was also one of my best friends.

"Katherine?" He asked groggily and I could tell he had been asleep.

"I'm sorry for waking you marcel but I wante someone to talk to."

"That's fine, shoot. What's on your mind?" I was glad I could call him at anytime and he would pick up.

"Well I'd prefer to talk in person can you come over?"

"You're lucky I got my license on Wednesday. I'll borrow mums car and be over soon." With that he hung up and I decided to take that time to change into some joggers and a cropped Tshirt for comfort. My dad was asleep and Marcel was just a friend so I knew he wouldn't care. As I was getting a drink of water from the kitchen I heard a light knock.

"Marcel." I smiled as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I dragged him in the house and shut the door quietly so I wouldn't wake up my dad.

"Kat how's it going?" He yawned and I couldn't help but smile at him.

"Well it's pretty complicated to be honest." I told him as I pulled him over to the couch. "I went on a date with Edward tonight and I like him, a lot actually but for some reason I just don't feel like he's right for me."

"Maybe he's not the type of guy you are looking for?" Marcel asked but I knew I didn't really have a type of guy. I sighed as I nodded my head and leaned against his shoulder. We sat for a while just listening to each other's breathing until I drifted to sleep.

Marcel's P.O.V

I could hear her lightly snoring as her chest rose and fell in my arms, all she wanted was a guy to treat her right and have that spark that everyone looked for. Lord knows how I felt about her but she was either completely oblivious or she didn't like me back. The second option seemed more reasonable. After I sat there contemplating my life for about and hour I too drifted to sleep.


I woke up with the early morning sun and watched the delicate rays of sun shine through the curtains. "I see your finally awake." I jumped in my own skin but stopped when I realised Kat was still fast asleep on my lap. I looked up and what I'm guessing was her father was standing in the hallway, in all honesty he looked very young and extremely fit. That was simply an observation seeing as he was still in his sweatpants clearly not ready to take on the Saturday morning.

"I-I should go." I stated slowly getting up.

"You can't wake her she sleeps like a rock. Edward right?" 

"Uh-no." I shook my head placing a pillow underneath Kats pillow. "Marcel." I gloomily smiled feeling more anxious than ever.

"Ah the famous Marcel." He said in realisation and gestured for me to follow him. "Coffee?"

"Uh- Yes, please." I stood in the kitchen feeling too awkward to sit down. "So she-she mentioned me?"

"Why wouldn't she?" He questioned as he poured me  a cup of coffee. I simply shrugged and started sipping the caffeine. "You should ask her out you know."

"You're asking me to ask out your daughter?" I questioned feeling slightly odd about the whole situation. I mean it was odd wasn't it?

"Well she is torn between Harry and Edward but honestly the both sound like absolute douche bags." We both laughed for a moment and he continued. "You on the other hand, you like her but you don't say anything about it. That's how i know you'd take care of my girl, you put her happiness before your own." I guessed he was right, I did like her who wouldn't?

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