Zayne my life


1. meet bailey

Okay so you guys are going to freak but what most of you guys don't know is that harry styles has a twin sister and that happens to be me my name is Bella-Bailey Anne but I go my Bailey only my mom says that she was under a lot of Medicean when she was naming me and couldn't decide and wanted to let me choose what I wanted to be called and for the first years of my life I was Bella Bailey Anne but now I'm the same age as harry and go by bailey me and harry are really close and he is really protective over me he wouldn't let Liam look at me when they first became a band then I told harry that I didn't like Liam witch I don't any ways harry had the whole gang at the house and we were swimming I was in the pool playing Marco Polo with zayne and we got really close and almost kissed the thing harry doesn't know is that after he almost killed zayne I gave him my number so I don't know are me and zayne dating you'll find out

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