Zayne my life


10. 9

I woke up in zayns arms he was holding on to me we were naked I looked up at his beautiful face and smacked he was asleep still I slid out of his arms and walked down to the kitchen I got a bowl and milk out then I went to get cereal and I was grabbed from behind

Bailey: HOLY SHIT!

Zayn: babe it's only me

Bailey: oh thank god I thought you were justin trying to rape me or something

Zayn: baby your okay he won't ever get to you I promis I won't let him your mine forever and only mine

Bailey: I know I just don't want him to get me

Zayn: I won't let him cause I'm with you 24/7

Bailey: I know

I looked up and kissed him softly I found some cereal and I ate some of it zayn was kidding me most of the time and it got soggy then zayn and I ran down to Harry's house where the other one direction boys were

We got there and I ran up to Harry's room where some of my stuff still was I put on a cute bikini and my sun glasses from coach and I put on my flip flops and went down stairs zayn was talking to Liam so I ran over to him and hugged him from behind and covered his eyes

Bailey: GUESS WHO?!?!

Zayn: well we know it's not Petrie the voice is way to sexy to be Petrie I going to guess Danielle Liam's girlfriend

Bailey: NO!!!!

Zayn: OH it must be that girl that lives with me that's really cute

Bailey: ding ding ding

I turned around to look in his eyes and smiled I kissed him

Liam: GET A ROOM!!!

Zayn: we have one where in the living ROOM you dork

Liam: okay well I'll tell you what happened later

Zayn: tell me now

Liam : but your with bailey

Zayn: I'm with her all the time tell me

Bailey: u love being with me

Zayn: I never said I didn't

Bailey: you better never say you don't

Zayn: I won't babe now Liam tell me

Bailey: tell you what

Zayn: listen

Liam: me and Danielle broke up

I looked at him then walked over to him and hugged him he started to rub my back and I felt zayn grab his hand we pulled away

Bailey: zayn he is fine u know I don't like him like that I only love you

Zayn: I know just habit

Bailey: Liam why you are a sweet guy

Liam: she said that Justin bieber asked her out

Bailey: really why don't u ask my brother what Justin did to me and zayn

Liam: what is she in danger?!?!

Bailey: well he yelled at me and hit me when I broke up with him

Liam: she can't go out with him

Bailey: they will break up and hell do it to her you will be fine she is safe

Liam was crying now I walked over to him and hugged him agin I could feel zayn stairing at me so I kissed Liam's cheek then I pulled away then walked over to zayn and kissed his lips

Zayn: okay now come swim with me

Bailey: I don't swim I tan

Zayn: you have to swim with me

Bailey: I'll float on the float

Zayn: fine

We walked out side and I went and got my float and put it in the water and plopped on it zayn jumped in causing me to get soaked

Bailey: ZAYN?!?!

Zayn: yea babe?

He came over with a grin on his face and kissed me then tipped me over we kissed under water then we came up and I jumped into his arms and we started to make out


Zayn(mumbling cause he was kissing me): shut up I'm having fun


I held my thumb bout behind my back at Harry and held it up so he could see I didn't care then me and zayn were making out agin I pulled away and smiled zayn looked at me

Zayn: walk in front of me

Bailey: why

He eyed his crotch he had a buldge I started to laugh and then realized that I had my phone in my hand from when I was going to tan

Bailey: SHIT!

Zayn: what?

Bailey: my phone it has been in my hand it's broken

Zayn: oh wow okay well get you a new one

Bailey: okay just put my chip in it?

Zayn: yea

I put it on the side of the pool and then went to swim with zayn he was glad that I had fun and I was happy to spend the day with him I love my zayny poo

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